Hizbullah Slams Syria Blasts as 'Part of Destructive, Subversive Plot'

Hizbullah on Tuesday condemned the two bombings that rocked the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib on Monday, saying they were “part of a destructive, subversive plot aimed at eradicating any chance to reach a solution that would rescue Syria from the current crisis.”

“These bombings that sowed death and destruction in a peaceful Syrian city seeking security and stability cannot be the work of a political opposition that wants the welfare of the country and its citizens, but rather criminal bombings aimed at undermining stability and raising tensions in the framework of implementing the conspiracy that is targeting Syria and the region,” the party said in a statement.

On Monday bombings rocked Idlib city and the Damascus suburbs, with the deadliest hitting security buildings in Idlib.

Idlib’s blasts targeted "two security headquarters, one housing air force intelligence and the other military intelligence," the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The official SANA news agency said "terrorists" were behind the attacks by "suicide bombers."

Hizbullah said “these persistent criminal practices are a new evidence of the involvement of international and regional forces – unfortunately Arab – in a scheme to combat Syria and its resistance policy, through targeting civilians across Syria.”

The party urged the Syrian people “to close ranks and show solidarity in the face of this conspiracy, and to throw support behind the Syrian leadership, in order to restore security in the country, achieve reconciliation and reach a new Syria.”

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