Two Killed, Four Wounded in Shooting between Security Forces, Drug Smuggler

Two people were killed on Saturday in a shooting between security forces and a wanted drug smuggler in al-Hermel in the Bekaa, announced the security forces in a statement.

It said that the suspect, Hassan A., opened fire at an anti-drug police patrol when it became suspicious of the vehicle he was driving in.

It explained that as the patrol slowly approached the vehicle to make sure of its passengers, the suspect began firing at the security forces and the shooting between the two sides ensued.

Two officers were wounded in the attack, while two of the suspect’s passengers were killed, his mother-in-law and an Ethiopian domestic worker.

The suspect was severely wounded, while the third passenger, his wife, also sustained injuries.

Hassan managed to flee the scene, while his wife was taken to hospital for treatment.

He has 97 arrest warrants against him on charges of drug abuse and smuggling, possession of weapons, car theft, resisting arrest, and firing at security forces.

Some 83 arrest warrants had previously been filed against him, but erased, but later renewed because of his repeated drug offenses.

The security forces statement revealed that on April 28, the suspect had also fired at an anti-drug police patrol in Dora before escaping to an unknown location.

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