Australia Says Very High Risk of Terror Attack in Yemen

Australia has lifted its travel warning for Yemen to its highest possible level, saying there was a "very high threat of terrorist attack" in the Arabian peninsula's poorest nation.

The updated travel advisory released late Friday comes just days after United States President Barack Obama warned that Al-Qaida was pursuing a "murderous agenda" in the increasingly violent state.

"The overall level of the advice has increased to 'do not travel' because of the very high threat of terrorist attack," Australia's foreign ministry said in a statement.

The statement advised Australians against traveling to Yemen because of the volatile security situation and urged those already in the country to leave.

"Terrorist attacks are likely and could occur at any time anywhere in Yemen with little or no warning," it said, adding that embassies and hotels could be targeted for suicide attacks.

The advisory noted that a Yemen-based terrorist group had made statements online this year indicating "a continuing intent to attack Westerners and western targets".

Earlier this month a British embassy vehicle came under rocket attack, injuring a number of people.

In a statement this week, U.S. President Obama said that Al-Qaida continued to use Yemen, along with other places, as a platform from which to pursue its "murderous agenda".(AFP)

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