Spain’s FM: Miqati Committed to International Obligations

Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez has said that Premier-designate Najib Miqati’s government would remain committed to Lebanon’s international obligations.

“My meeting with Miqati was fruitful … He wants to form (the cabinet) in a few days but he is seeking to include in it all forces and the biggest number of political factions in Lebanon,” Jimenez said during a press conference at Bustros Palace on Wednesday night.

Asked if Miqati had told her he would be committed to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the minister said: “He is with the cabinet’s commitment to all documents that the Lebanese government had made pledges to.”

After talks with President Michel Suleiman at Baabda Palace, Jimenez said her regional tour aimed to push for the resumption of the peace process and to put pressure on rival parties to engage in negotiations.

“There is an opportunity more than any time in the past for all to engage in negotiations,” Jimenez told reporters. She added that her country did not fear an Israeli assault on Lebanon.

She also held talks with al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc leader Fouad Saniora at Center House and her Lebanese counterpart Ali al-Shami at Bustros Palace.

Jimenez is scheduled to inspect Spain’s contingent in UNIFIL on Thursday.

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