Syrian Troops Kidnap 2 Citizens as a Third is Released after Being Arrested Since Sunday

Syrian troops kidnapped on Wednesday two Lebanese farmers in the border region of al-Abboudiyeh.

The residents in the area blocked the international road in protest against the development.

Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) identified the two captives as Mohammed Yassine al-Merhi and Hamdan Mehdi Mohammed.

VDL (93.3) later said that Mohammed succeeded in escaping from the Syrian troops.

LBC television later reported that two people were wounded in the town of al-Hisheh in the border region of Wadi Khaled when gunshots were fired from the Syrian side of the border.

VDL (100.5) said that three people were injured in the shooting, identifying them as Darine al-Hassan, 20, Saleh al-Hassan, 18, and Tamer al-Hassan, 10.

Earlier on Wednesday, Lebanese citizen, Nasser Arabi, was released after being arrested by Syrian troops in the outskirts of the town of Kfarqouq in Rashayya on Sunday.

His brother told MTV that he was transported to Lebanon from Damascus in MP Faisal al-Daoud’s vehicle, saying that he is doing well.

The Syrian army had opened fire on Saturday against three Lebanese citizens, killing a youth, Rami al-Asmar al-Nouri, and arresting Arabi.

The third citizen, Bilal Zeineddine, managed to escape.

Reports speculated that the three individuals were trying to smuggle cigarettes into Syria when they fell victim to an ambush set up by the Syrian forces in the border area of Kfarqouq in northeastern Lebanon.

Source: Naharnet

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