Nasrallah Says Hizbullah Missiles Can Hit All Vital Sites in Israel

Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Thursday that the party’s missiles are now “capable of reaching vital targets inside Israel,” pointing out that the “Israelis themselves acknowledge Hizbullah’s missile power.”

In an interview with the Iranian television, Nasrallah added that the military capabilities of his group “cannot be compared to the previous phase,” describing Israel’s threats to attack Iran as “propaganda to blackmail the international community.”

According to the transcript of the interview published on the website of Iran’s Arabic-language Al-Alam satellite TV network, Nasrallah added: “We should thank Iran because it supported us in reaching our objectives,” warning of the “attempts of the United States to conspire against the revolutions and Islamic renaissance in the region.”

He also said that “Israel, the U.S. and some other Western countries along with certain Arab nations are seeking to topple Bashar Assad’s regime with the help of al-Qaida,” adding that such actions “prove that they are not seeking reforms in Syria.”

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