Lebanese Woman Designs Fertility Count Down Clock App

A new app has been designed by Lebanese Mira Kaddura to calculate the biological clock of women down to the second when they will become infertile.

Kaddura, a U.S. resident and the advertising creative director behind the app, designed the WonderClock that is available for iPhones and a website that takes your date of birth and calculates when your fertility ends.

Kaddura wants to be clear that it is more of a tool to encourage dialogue, not a full-fledged medical diagnosis, and assures that she created it to confront her fertility issues.

Kaddura began to work on the conceptual art project that she showed at Art Basel in June.

The app comes along at a time when many women are delaying child birth for many reasons, including career advancement. For that reason, many women who try to conceive later in life have trouble getting pregnant, and resort to expensive fertility treatments like IVF (in vitro fertilization), news reports said.

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