One Killed in Tripoli by Gunshots Fired in Celebration of Damascus Bombing

One person was killed in Tripoli on Wednesday by gunshots fired in celebration of the Syria bombing.

Khaled Fares was killed at the Malloula roundabout by a stray bullet shot during the Tripoli celebrations over the news of the Damascus explosion that targeted a number of Syrian security officials, reported MTV.

LBCI television later reported that the army has since deployed in the area to avoid the situation from spiraling out of control.

It added that a child in the Jabal Moshen neighborhood was wounded in the celebratory gunshots.

He has since been taken to hospital for treatment.

Conflicting reports had emerged that clashes had erupted between the rival pro-Syrian regime Jabal Mohsen and anti-Syrian regime Bab al-Tabbaneh neighborhoods in Tripoli following news of the death of a number of Syrian security officials in the Damascus blast.

The two neighborhoods had previously witnessed rounds of clashes over various issues, the last of which was the arrest of Islamist Shadi al-Mawlawi.

He has since been released in May.

Source: Naharnet, Agence France Presse

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