Report: Gang Kingpin in Tyre Enjoys ‘Special Judicial Care’

A gang comprised of thugs in the southern city of Tyre resumed its endeavors in the city, terrorizing the residents amid the security chaos in the country, An Nahar newspaper reported on Thursday.

According to the report, the gang’s kingpin known as Wassef S. reiterates to the residents of Tyre that he enjoys a “special judicial care,” which has always saved him from continuing his sentence at prison.

The report said that he shot dead 4 citizens during the last 48 hours. His latest victim was killed on Wednesday overnight.

The rest of the victims are: Jihad al-Shiyah, Alaa Moqbel and Ashraf Hallak.

The daily reported that Wassef is freely wandering with his gun, practicing his “hobby” with a group of gunmen who are possessing guns, rifles and knives.

According to the residents of Tyre, Wassef’s criminal records include harassing passers-by and imposing taxes on shop owners in the area.

The report pointed out that several officials received lately a number of letters complaining against Wassef’s action and urging them to end his endeavors in the city.

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