Confessions of Informer in Samaha’s Case Published

Al-Joumhouria newspaper published on Monday the transcript of confessions of the informer in the case of ex-Minister Michel Samaha.

According to the daily the informer headed to the Internal Security Forces Intelligence Branch in July, saying that he has obtained “very dangerous information he would like to make.”

ISF Intelligence Branch head Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan questioned the informer who confessed to having a close relation with Samaha, who told him to meet him at his residence in the northern Metn town of Jwar al-Khensahara.

The report said that Samaha asked the informer to do a favor for head of the Syrian National Security Bureau Ali al-Mamlouk.

The informer confessed that he was demanded to carry out bombings in the northern province of Akkar at the behest of Mamlouk, pointing out that the latter was ready to provide him with all the necessary logistic and financial requirements.

Media reports said that the man behind reporting Samaha was Milad Kfouri, who also used several aliases.

Samaha and Mamlouk were charged earlier this month with plotting to target Lebanon as Samaha was accused of possessing and transporting several explosive devices from Syria.

The informer told Samaha that he will consider his proposal, however, he decided to head to the ISF intelligence branch and inform them about the plot targeting Lebanon.

According to the transcript of confessions, the informer said that another meeting was scheduled to be held with Samaha on July 21 in his residence in Ashrafiyeh.

The informer was equipped with a secret camera and recording machine to document the meeting. The two also held meetings on August 1 and 7, where they decided on their targets.

The daily noted that all the meetings between the informer and Samaha were recorded and documented.

Samaha told the informer that only four people know about the plot “the president, Ali, me and you.”

Al-Joumhouria published the complete dialogue that the informer and Samaha held during their consecutive meetings.

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