FPM Leader from Jezzine: We Defended Ourselves with National Unity

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun kicked off on Saturday a visit to the southern region of Jezzine where he stressed the importance of national unity and mutual coexistence.

He said: “We defend ourselves with national unity.”

He explained that these remarks are not directed to the FPM and its supporters, but to all the sides that seek good for Lebanon.

Aoun was greeted in Jezzine by popular receptions held by FPM, Hizbullah, and AMAL supporters and head of the Loyalty of the Resistance bloc MP Mohammed Raad.

“We may have political differences, but we cannot be disputed over issues that are central to Lebanon,” he added.

Commenting on the FPM Memorandum of Understanding with Hizbullah, Aoun remarked: “I gained national unity through this agreement.”

“National unity is our goal and we will not trade it with anything,” stressed the MP during his tour of Jezzine.

Auon rejected firing rockets from Lebanese territories, pointing out that the “occupation legalizes the arms of the resistance.”

He called on arming the military institution to enable it to confront the continues Israeli aggression.

Aoun warned against the postponement of the 2013 parliamentary elections, saying that there are two solutions either the electoral law adopted by the Orthodox Gathering or a law based on proportional representation.

The FPM leader stressed that the country is “robbed” as several officials have formed mafias.

“I have documents and investigations that will be published soon in a book... No one will be able to discredit us.”

He stated that the FPM had disputed with almost most MPs and Ministers because it is seeking to change and implement reforms in the country.

“The cabinet is facing several obstacles as it's not united” over several matters, Aoun added.

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