Charbel Confirms Attack on Aoun's Convoy, But Security Sources Deny

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel confirmed on Sunday claims that Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun's convoy was shot at in the southern city of Sidon but stressed the shooting targeted an empty vehicle.

The shot targeted one of the distraction vehicles that was on the road before the actual convoy, he told LBCI television.

Investigation in underway to find the source of gunfire, he said.

The incident took place near Bahaeddine Hariri mosque in the southern city of Sidon, according to the FPM's press office.

But Charbel later told MTV the only evidence that the shooting took place was a bullet hole found on the car.

His remarks came after security sources denied that any such incident took place in the area.

The involved authorities have asked to examine the motorcade's vehicles but FPM officials rejected, they told An Nahar newspaper published Sunday.

Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) also reported that the army and security forces were hugely deployed in the area where the alleged shooting took place but they didn't notice any such incident.

Later in the day, it quoted security sources as saying that the inspection of the vehicle that was shot at showed that it had been hit with a Kalashnikov rifle's bullet in the back door.

Aoun's OTV said that Prosecutor of the South Judge Samih al-Hajj inspected a building that is under construction and another one that lies 100 meters away from Bahaeddine Hariri mosque.

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