March 14 Demands Miqati's Resignation: Hasan Murdered by Assad and his Local, Regional Allies

The March 14 forces condemned on Friday the assassination of the head of the Internal Security Forces Intelligence Bureau Brigadier General Wissam al-Hasan, holding Prime Minister Najib Miqati personally responsible for the crime.

It said in a statement after an extraordinary meeting in the wake of the assassination: “The government holds the political and moral accountability for the plan to target Lebanon's stability.”

“We therefore demand the resignation of the government and its prime minister immediately,” it said.

“Its staying in power represents the protection of the criminals,” it continued.

“National partnership cannot exist amid the horrible series of political assassinations,” added the March 14 forces.

“Hasan's assassination cannot be separated from that of slain Premier Rafik Hariri and all the March 14 martyrs,” they noted.

They therefore said that handing over the accused in Hariri's murder to the Lebanese state, which will in turn hand them over to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is the means “to save national partnership and pave the way for a new national phase in Lebanon capable of confronting assassinations.”

Moreover, they said that Hasan's assassination is “an announcement by the forces of terror that they will pursue the mission they kicked off with Hariri's murder” on February 14, 2005.

“Hasan's murder was committed by the regime of (Syrian President) Bashar Assad, his regional allies, and local tools,” said the March 14 statement.

“The Lebanese people will not succumb to the series of terrorist and organized political crime,” it declared.

“We look forward to the efforts of all Lebanese people to confront these plans and … and call on them to be prepared for the steps that will be aimed at rectifying the situation in the country,” it stressed.

Hasan was killed on Friday in a car bomb in the Ashrafiyeh district in Beirut.

Conflicting reports emerged over the number of dead in the blast with some sides putting the figure at three and others at eight.

At least a hundred people were wounded in the explosion.

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