Hackers Post Asir's Photo on Parliament's Official Website

Hackers hacked on Saturday the website of the Lebanese parliament.

The hackers, identifying themselves as “Team Kuwait Hackers,” placed Bilal bin Rabbah Imam Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir's photo on the website.

They also put up an anti- Hizbullah and Syrian regime message.

The parliament's General Secretariat warned that it will take legal action against the hackers.

In June, a group calling itself “Raise Your Voice” hacked the official website for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers ( and the website of Administrative Reform and Development (, demanding the government to halt electricity rationing during the summer.

In April, the same group hacked around 15 Lebanese government websites demanding an improvement in living standards.

The hackers posted a caricature on the home page of the premiership’s website depicting a skinny man, representing the people, feeding a fat man described as the government, on its right a photo of bread and on the left a photo of a candle.

It had previously vowed to continue hacking the government sites until the Lebanese people earn the rights they are asking for and until living standards are improved.

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