Report: Fatmagul Sultan Power Vessel Hit by Major Malfunction, Nine Generators Shut Down

Nine out of 11 generators on the “Fatmagul Sultan” barge have stopped functioning, media reports said, pointing out that the power-generating vessel is only producing 15 percent of its capacity, which is 27 megawatts.

According to As Safir newspaper published on Thursday, the vessel that began its work earlier this month has several malfunctions caused by the long journey it took to arrive to Lebanon.

Sources told the daily that “the vessel's production almost stopped functioning four days ago.”

“Since it began producing electricity, Farmagul Sultan didn't reach its capacity of production as it only generated around 80 percent,” the sources noted.

They expected that the vessel will completely stop functioning if the reason behind the malfunctioning was the used fuel.

Electricite du Liban management told As Safir that the Turkish Karadeniz power company, which leased the ship to the Lebanese government, said that it was resolving the problem that occurred according to the contract signed with the Ministry of Energy.

Lebanon inked in July 2012 a $360 million three-year contract with the Turkish firm to lease electricity-generating vessels.

The two barges could generate 270 megawatts of electricity.

The second vessel is expected to arrive in June.

The power vessels should help make up for the power shortage that will be caused by the rehabilitation of the Zouk and Jiyeh power plants.

Lebanon is in need of 2,500 megawatts of electricity while the current production is only 1,500 MW.

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