Jerusalem Post: Hizbullah Has over 50,000 Rockets

An Israeli officer revealed that the Israeli army had amassed some 200 targets in Lebanon ahead of the July 2006 war, including 100 houses and storage areas the party had used to safe-keep long-range missiles it had received from Iran, reported the Jerusalem Post on Friday.

He added that these targets were all destroyed in the first night of the war.

Moreover, he said that the party now has thousands of new positions that are considered legitimate targets should a new war erupt between the Jewish state and Hizbullah.

The officer stated that it is estimated that Hizbullah has now over 50,000 rockets in its arsenal, most of which are stored in some 100 villages around southern Lebanon.

“Our intelligence is much better today than it was five years ago,” the officer stressed.

The July 2006 war erupted when Hizbullah conducted a cross-border raid into Israel, kidnapping two soldiers.

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