Gemayel after Talks with PM-Designate: Berri's Proposal Can Be Solution for Electoral Crisis

Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel considered on Thursday that Speaker Nabih Berri's proposal for an electoral law can be a solution for the current crisis, calling for a proposal that secures national unity.

"The Phalange party supports any consensual suggestion that puts Lebanon's interest first and that secures partnership and national unity,” Gemayel said after meeting with Prime Minister designate Tamman Salam at the latter's residence in Beirut's Msaytbeh neighborhood.

"We stand beside Berri in his efforts to reach a solution if it was practical,” the former president confirmed.

Berri withdrew his electoral proposal on Thursday eve, after al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc strongly rejected it.

Berri's had suggested earlier in the day a draft that mixes the 1960 electoral law and the controversial Orthodox Gathering draft law.

According to his suggestion, 64 MPs would be be elected according to the winner-takes-all system and the remaining half under the proportional representation system.

The political factions are yet to agree on an electoral law after the speaker postponed on Wednesday a parliamentary session that was set to discuss the so-called Orthodox Gathering proposal for lack of quorum.

Al-Mustaqbal and the LF struck a last-minute deal on the hybrid proposal which was also backed by Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat's National Struggle Front and March 14's independent Christian MPs.

The Orthodox draft that considers Lebanon a single district and stipulates that each sect elects its own MPs under on a proportional representation system, is strongly backed by Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement.

Meanwhile, the proposal of the March 14 alliance, excluding the Phalange party, calls for 54 MPs to be elected under the winner-takes-all system and 46 percent via the proportional representation system.

The country would be divided into six governorates.

Commenting on the cabinet's formation, Gemayel said: “The process should not take much time as Lebanon is in desperate need for it.”

"We urge the PM-designate to form a cabinet quickly and we stand by his side to face dangers and risks ahead of the country.”

“Lebanon does not need any additional complications and we must find a solution,” he pointed out.

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