Report: Army Busts 'Terrorist Cell' Scheming to Target it

The Lebanese army intelligence thwarted recently a terrorist plot set to target one of the military posts in Beirut, reported Ad Diyar newspaper on Tuesday.

According to the newspaper, the army detained a “dangerous cell” that infiltrated its ranks and plotted to target its posts in Beirut's Karantina area.

The Army revealed in May that it has broken up a cell, detained its members and confiscated a quantity of detonators and explosives.

Media reports said that the network was plotting to assassinate a list of Lebanese politicians and security chiefs to create chaos in the country.

In March last year, the army arrested a takfiri network that was planning to carry out terrorist attacks on the military school in al-Fayyadiyeh and the army barracks in Hamat.

Media reports then described the cell as takfiri with links to the Abdullah Azzam Brigades.

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