Sabra Urges Arab League, Lebanon to Stop Hizbullah Influx

Syria's opposition urged the Arab League and the Lebanese government on Wednesday to prevent the continued influx of Hizbullah fighters into Syria.

"We call on the Arab League and its secretary general to take a stance befitting these events," said Acting National Coalition opposition chief George Sabra.

He warned that Hizbullah's involvement in the Syrian war would ignite a "sectarian fire."

"Hizbullah's weapons have become militia weapons and its guns have become sectarian weapons for hire that kill women, children and the elderly," the National Council leader charged.

"We call on the Lebanese state and its political, defense and security institutions to work for the respect of the sovereignty of the Syrian state," he added.

Sabra urged fighters across Syria to "rush to the rescue" of rebel stronghold Qusayr and appealed to the international community to set up a humanitarian corridor to the embattled town.

He issued the call for rebel reinforcements as Syrian troops backed by Hizbullah fighters battled for control of Qusayr, which lies near the Lebanese border on land corridor linking the capital Damascus with the Mediterranean coast.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Tuesday that 31 Hizbullah fighters have been killed in Qusayr since the fighting began on Sunday.

Source: Agence France Presse, Naharnet

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