Bahraini Foreign Minister Slams Nasrallah as 'Terrorist'

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is a "terrorist" who must be stopped, Bahrain's foreign minister said on Sunday.

"Terrorist Nasrallah has declared war on his nation," said Sheikh Khaled al-Khalifa on his Twitter account.

"Stopping him and rescuing Lebanon from his grip is a national and religious duty for all of us," he said.

The minister's remarks come a day after Nasrallah vowed that he will bring victory in the fight against Syrian rebels in the town of Qusayr.

Nasrallah had previously justified the organization’s involvement in Syria by saying they were defending border villages inhabited by Lebanese residents and holy sites in Damascus province.

But the offensive on the mostly-Sunni town of Qusayr forced the movement to change its argument.

"Syria is the rear guard of the resistance (Hizbullah's fight with Israel), its backbone, and the resistance cannot stay with its arms folded when its rear guard is exposed," Nasrallah said on Saturday.

"We are idiots if we do not act," he added.

Sunni-ruled Bahrain with a Shiite majority has repeatedly described Hizbullah as a “terrorist organization” and called for blacklisting it.

Bahrain has been battling a Shiite-led uprising that began in February 2011 and Hizbullah has voiced support for the protest movement. A total of 80 people have been killed since the protests erupted, according to the International Federation for Human Rights.

Source: Agence France Presse

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