Mustaqbal Says Hizbullah 'Toppled Disassociation Policy,' Warns of Attempt to Cause Strife between Army, Arsal Residents

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc on Tuesday accused Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah of toppling the policy of disassociation and denying the articles of the Baabda Declaration, warning against attempts to cause a strife between the army and the people of the Bekaa town of Arsal.

“Nasrallah overthrew the fragile stability in the country because of his involvement in the fighting in Syria, he also buried the policy of disassociation and denied the articles of the Baabda Declaration which Hizbullah has agreed to abide by, in addition to violating the Resolution 1701,” al-Mustaqbal MPs said in a released statement after the bloc's weekly meeting at the Center House.

Responding to the speech Nasrallah gave on Saturday during the commemoration of the South's liberation, the bloc condemned the “criminal activities” Hizbullah is involved in "against the interests of both the Lebanese and the Syrian people," saying that Nasrallah subjected Lebanon to the “fires of the Syrian war."

“The party has transformed itself from a resistance to a militia working under Iranian orders.”

"We urge the parents of the martyrs and those of the wounded to break the silence and voice out their rejection to driving their children to death in Syria and transforming their country into a battlefield,” the statement said.

“Nasrallah has abandoned protecting religious shrines and protecting Lebanese in (the Syrian border town of) al-Qusayr,”

“Instead, he announced now an open war on the Syrian people in general, and on the neighboring country's opposition fighting against the regime in particular,” they MPs stressed.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced on Thursday that 104 Hizbullah members had been killed in Syria since last autumn.

Hizbullah combatants have become increasingly involved in Syria's conflict, fighting alongside President Assad's forces.

Nasrallah said before that his party's involvement in Syria's war aimed at defending 13 Syrian villages along the border where Lebanese Shiites live, and the Sayyeda Zeinab shrine, revered by Shiites around the world.

But on Saturday, however, the Hizbullah chief pointed out that Syria is “the backbone of the resistance, assuring that he will not let this bone break.”

Commenting on the attack that killed three soldiers Monday overnight in the town of Wadi Hmeid in the eastern border town of Arsal, al-Mustaqbal bloc considered that this aimed at causing a strife between the people of the village and the military institution.

Al-Mustaqbal also condemned launching rockets towards the southern suburb of Beirut on Sunday morning, calling on the security forces to reveal the perpetrators and penalize them.

“This crime is suspicious and surrounded with many questions,” the MPs noted.

Four people were wounded on Sunday morning in a rocket attack on Beirut's southern suburbs. The Lebanese army said in a statement that a rocket was fired at a car dealership near the Mar Mikhael church and another landed in the Maroun Misk neighborhood.

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