Zasypkin Backs Stability in Lebanon, Rejects Meddling in its Affairs

Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin reiterated on Wednesday that his country supports stability and security in Lebanon, stressing that Moscow rejects any intervention in the country's local affairs.

“We back stability and security in Lebanon. The members of the U.N. Security Council all voiced their support to maintaining stability and security in Lebanon,” the ambassador said.

He pointed out that Russia firmly rejects any meddling in Lebanon's affairs.

Lebanese parties are sharply divided over the crisis in Syria as the March 8 alliance continuously expresses its support to Syrian president Bashar Assad, while the March 14 camp backs the popular revolt.

Lebanon has witnessed recently the most dangerous security situation since 2005 after a series of incidents engulfed the northern city of Tripoli in battles between pro- and anti-Syrian President Bashar Assad regime.

The international community and analysts have expressed fears that the conflict in Syria may spill over into Lebanon.

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