Hashem Salman Laid to Rest in Adloun after Hizbullah, AMAL Refuse Burying Him in Local Cemetery

Lebanese Option Party member Hashem Salman was buried on Monday in the southern city of Adloun after Hizbullah and AMAL Movement rejected laying him to rest in the town's cemetery.

"Both parties rejected burying Salman in Aldoun's cemetery or allowing his family to receive condolences in the local husseiniya,” MTV reported.

The same sources noted, however, that the family of Lebanese Option Party leader Ahmed Asaad has offered Salman's family a piece of land to bury their son.

Meanwhile, LBCI television revealed that the security forces have not yet contacted Salman's family to follow-up on the case.

It also remarked that the victim's family refused to discuss Sunday's incidence with the media.

"We refuse the use of Salman's death for political interests,” the family expressed. “We also reject the statement released by the Salman clan in the (southern) villages of Markaba, Akbieh, Adloun and Dardghia that hold Asaad responsible for Sunday's incident.”

Future television pointed out that the funeral took place amid an atmosphere of anger and that “no flags, pictures or banners were held.”

Salman was killed on Sunday and at least eleven others were wounded in a scuffle between supporters of Hizbullah and protesters near the Iranian embassy in Beirut.

The Demonstrators were holding a sit-in near the embassy in the Bir Hassan area south of Beirut, to protest Hizbullah's involvement in the war raging in Syria.

According to LBCI television, all the wounded belong to the Lebanese Option Party, which is led by the March 14 Shiite politician Ahmed Asaad.

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