Sources: Lebanon Sends 'Memo' to U.N., Files 'Complaint' with Arab League over Syria Attacks

Lebanese authorities have sent a “memo” to the U.N. Security Council on Syrian air raids and rocket attacks and “filed a complaint” with the Arab League over the assaults carried out by Syrian regime troops and the rebel Free Syrian Army, government sources said Friday.

The sources told An Nahar daily that the two moves were made on Thursday night after reports that President Michel Suleiman and caretaker Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour had argued on what measures to take.

Baabda palace sources denied that such an argument had taken place, saying Suleiman held a telephone conversation with Mansour and urged him to consult with caretaker Premier Najib Miqati on ways to file “two complaints.”

The president also asked the caretaker FM to include the details of attacks carried out by both regime troops and the rebels in the letter to the Arab League given that the Security council does not officially recognize the Free Syrian Army.

The “memo” sent to the Security Council seemed to be a toned down version because lodging a complaint against Syria would set a precedent among Arab countries in taking their disputes to the world body.

Even before Lebanon took the move, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem sent a memo to Lebanon stressing “the importance that the Lebanese army control the border to preserve security and stability."

According to Mansour, Muallem urged Lebanese authorities to "take the necessary measures that consolidate joint efforts … to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the two states."

There have been several attacks from rebel-held areas of Syria on Hizbullah strongholds in northeastern Lebanon in recent months.

Such attacks increased after Hizbullah, along with Syrian army forces captured from rebels the key central Syrian town of Qusayr.

Syrian regime troops have also carried out attacks on border areas, mainly air raids on the northeastern town of Arsal, which has become an escape route for rebels and people running away from the fighting in Syria.

Syria's army command insists that it respects Lebanon's sovereignty but would continue to target rebels.

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