Blogger Questioned for Swearing and Insulting President Contradicting Freedom of Expression

A Lebanese blogger has been questioned by the Internal Security Forces for his insulting tweets and not as reported for criticizing President Michel Suleiman.

A careful examination of Jean Assy's twitter account reveals swearing and name-calling against Suleiman which go beyond society's morals and ethics.

Defamation is a crime according to Lebanon’s penal code.

The image grab of his twitter account published above and which shows his immoral tweets, is aimed at putting an end to the political reactions made by some parties under the excuse of defending freedom of expression.

In reality his tweets are morally degrading and do not fall under the framework of freedoms.

Politicians and not only the judiciary have a duty to preserve the post of the president out of respect for social values.

Assy was on Tuesday briefly seized by the ISF's Office to Combat Cyber Crimes to question him on the series of tweets he has made. No charges were brought against him.

“Some people are attacking me for the "insults" I wrote, while I'm pretty sure they say things even worse about the president and others offline,” he has said in one tweet.

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