Raise Your Voice Hacks Parliament's Website Again ahead of Demonstration

The “Raise your Voice” group hacked once again on Friday the official website of Lebanon's parliament over its decision to extend its mandate ahead of anew sit-in to protest the extension.

An image gathering the 128 lawmakers was uploaded with a slogan labeling them as “failures.”

The group also posted an invitation for a sit-in near the parliament in Riad al-Solh Square in Downtown Beirut.

Hundreds of citizens and civil society activists demonstrated on May 31 in rejection of the extension, as security forces prevented them several times from crossing the barriers into Nejmeh Square which houses parliament's building.

Riot police several times tried to push protesters away from the square as demonstrators hurled plastic water bottles on them amid appeals from the organizers to keep the protest peaceful.

Ninety-seven out of 128 MPs had voted in favor of extending parliament's term as three judges of the 10-member Constitutional Council have failed to attend four sessions so far, depriving the council of the needed quorum to rule on challenges.

The parliament's extended 17-month term entered into force as the Council failed to meet to issue a ruling on petitions filed by President Michel Suleiman and the Change and Reform bloc against the extension.

“Raise your Voice” group had previously vowed to hack the government sites until the Lebanese people earn the rights they are asking for and until living standards are improved.

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