UNIFIL Hands Over Kidnapped Shepherds to Army

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon on Wednesday handed over to the army two shepherds that were kidnapped by Israeli forces a day earlier, the state-run National News Agency reported.

Youssef Hussein Rhayyel and Youssef Mohammed Zahra were kidnapped on Tuesday from a region near the southern town of Shebaa, according to the NNA.

The same source noted that they were abducted into the occupied Shebaa Farms.

A statement released by the Army Command later on Tuesday elaborated: "A pedestrian Israeli patrol kidnapped shepherds Zahra and Rhayyel from the liberated Lebanese territory in Shebaa near al-Naqqar pond."

"Following the incident, army unit mobilized in the area and took the necessary defensive measures.”

The army communique added: “We also contacted the UNIFL troops to coordinate our efforts and release the kidnapped Lebanese.”

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