Report: Indirect Talks between Hizbullah, U.S. over Government Formation

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Indirect and secret contacts are ongoing between Hizbullah and the U.S. embassy in Lebanon, the Kuwaiti al-Anbaa newspaper reported on Monday.

The daily quoted a March 14 MP as saying that the “relations between the Hizbullah and the U.S. are developing positively.”

The lawmaker, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the newspaper pointed out that Hizbullah Chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah failed to criticize the U.S. role in Lebanon and the region in his latest speech, unlike his previous speeches.

The MP also noted that U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon David Hale informed various Lebanese leaders that “a cabinet can not be formed without Hizbullah participation.”

The lawmaker said that the hopes for a breakthrough in the 30-year estrangement between the U.S. and Iran had an impact on its ties with Hizbullah.

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Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 04 November 2013, 09:17

God Bless the United States of America, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, for recognizing the noble cause of our Islamic Secular Resistance. What once was the Great Satan is now the Great Angel. A new Great Satan has emerged: the K S of Arabia and its tyrannical rulers. I will not be divulging a secret if I say that a summit is under preparation between Sayyed Al Moqawameh and President Obama in Dahiyeh away from the limelight. The American people are urging both Congress and the House to enact a bill to form a Secular Resistance similar to ours. Military strategists at Westpoint have been teaching their cadets and pilots lessons learned from our victory over the zionist enemy. The resistance will be sending military and economic advisers to Washington to build upon the strategic relationship between our two nations. Bless you Sayyed for making us proud to be Lebanese.

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 09:29

The mouse that roared is back to enlighten us & Naharnet MODS… please tell us again of how the Glorious Iranian militia should rule Lebanon and eventually all of the middle east, oh wise, brave & most patriotic of all posters… please… pretty please...

Missing rami 04 November 2013, 09:45

What do you smoke RFT?

Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 04 November 2013, 12:18

Ramidov Slim

Thumb geha 04 November 2013, 11:04

Amazing! what is this article talking about? is hizbushaitan talking to the great satan?
where are their principles :)
anyway, they can dream.... :)

Thumb _mowaten_ 04 November 2013, 14:15

lol, those kuwaitis are divination experts it seems.

Thumb shab 04 November 2013, 15:29

Agree, and what God are they referring to in the poster? The one in Iran ?

Thumb cedre 04 November 2013, 16:24

RFT rules, go on !!!

Missing people-power 05 November 2013, 00:51

The_bore... most of us are quite entertained by RFT, and I can say for myself that I enjoy reading his posts.

This website appears to monitor comments for vulgarity and insults. It is not up to you to decide which comments should be censured.

It is not up to you to tell another commenter what to say, and whether he can post here or not. It is not up to you to determine whether another person's comments "contribute" to the debate or not.

Your interpretation of democracy and freedom of speech is very enlightening.

You frustration with RFT makes me enjoy very much your sniveling and whining.

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 09:33

Really??? the Divine militia is holding secret talks with the Evil, Zionist controlled Americans from their den of Spy's headquarters.

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 09:58

Snore… you never mentioned you were into doing that with men… Nasrallah will be very upset to hear you are soliciting on line :-((((((

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 10:12

the_snore is always civil… specially when he comments on Geagea.

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 10:18

If Assad & the Ayatollah are such Brave Resisters why do they not dare to even blow their nose in Israel's direction?

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 11:56

Villager, a mind is a terrible thing to waste… go back to school and learn how to write a sentence.

Thumb sevilla 04 November 2013, 12:11

general puppet, but you are assuming he has one?

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 12:24

casper, you have a good point there… he is even more pitiful then the other stooges.

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 12:47

Villager are you proud of posting these jibber jabber comments of yours? For your own self-esteem find a Farsi language site and post there.

Thumb Bandoul 04 November 2013, 17:53

@general_puppet, a terrible mind is indeed a good thing to waste whereas wasting a mind is a terrible thing in general. Cheers!

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 12:30

Villager you are killing us with these comments… please don't start quoting proverbs, we barely know what you are saying as it is.

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 12:50

I am not being bitter, I am giving good advice.

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 12:39

We are all in fear of the Mighty …flamethrower… no worries soon your Glorious Thumbs Down Brigade will report to work and with-in 2 minutes anyone who is against Assad and the Iranian militia will have 20 or 30 thumbs down. BTW I hope you are not holding your breath until the Americans come courting Nasrallah with flowers and candy… he has an unlisted hole in the ground.

Thumb Chupachups 04 November 2013, 13:00

now the hezbollah and m8 supporters run to naharnet to justify Hezbollah talking with the but if it was m14 or any other party talking to the US they would be labelled traitors and israeli agents :)

double standards at its best, just felt like pointing it out.

Thumb condor 04 November 2013, 14:45

and you were there when condy talked to saniora? You are beyond description

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 20:41

According to flim-flam thrower when M14 blocks speak to Saudi or US it is to take orders… when M8 speaks to Saudi or US it is only done for the good of Lebanon. The sad part is that this delusional fool probably believes all the nonsense he post.

Missing people-power 05 November 2013, 02:42

"now the US is having a different kind of talk with its enemy, hezbollah. it's a meeting of equal"

Hezbollah is on an equal level with the US?

Easily the most delusional comment I have ever read. It seems RFT was correct and on-the-money in demonstrating the viewpoint of FT and his ilk.

Thumb Chupachups 04 November 2013, 13:02

don't you love it how everything is "halal" for the glorious resistance but not anybody else?lol

Thumb Maxx 04 November 2013, 13:35

Like usual, the only people not invited to the discussion about the future of Lebanon are the Lebanese people.

Thumb benzona 04 November 2013, 17:50

the Iranian Representatives didn't appreciate your comment LoL

Missing helicopter 04 November 2013, 14:38

Indirect and secret contacts are ongoing between Hizbullah and the U.S. embassy in Lebanon, the Kuwaiti al-Anbaa newspaper reported on Monday................
It reminds me of the secret talks between the US and the PLO at the onset of the Lebanese Civil War. Today's HA is yesterday's PLO (it is the entity that is pulling the carpet from under our Government).

Thumb condor 04 November 2013, 14:46

what does "desglose" mean?

Missing peace 04 November 2013, 15:05

sure FPM and hezbi talk because it seem they are desperate to survive... they talk with the devil just to continue to exist! LOL

Missing peace 04 November 2013, 15:09

waw! FT is now talking about alliance with the US? waw, seems he knows that without the US his master won't survive long! and when we know how much he insults the USA now he is happy that his hezbi master talk with them!!!! how ironic and pathetic he is.....
useless thing he is and will remain...

Missing peace 04 November 2013, 16:11

"the Kuwaiti al-Anbaa newspaper reported on Monday."

usaullay M8ers spit on the koweiti newspaper saying it is full of lies... but once again here they give it credit! LOL
hypocrit M8ers....

Missing peace 04 November 2013, 16:27

flamecatcher: who cares if they create fake accounts to vote people down: it only proves how childish they are! if they believe that their truth is measured by the number of thumbs up or down, it shows how empty their brains are....

Thumb cedre 04 November 2013, 16:31

US and Israel always backed minorities in the region, especially shias.
Now they just show it more openly with Iran...

Everybody understand that Hizbollah and Bashar are protecting Israel's borders...

Thumb jabal10452 04 November 2013, 16:36

And why are so many here up in arms about a HA-US dialog? Did anyone consider the possibility that this might lead to a relaxing of the tensions among the Lebanese as well as between HA and Israel, and eventually lead to a JUST peace once and for all, complete with a state monopoly over weapons?
Or do you all prefer a constant state of confrontation that is leading nowhere?

Missing peace 04 November 2013, 16:41

just because when we tell hezbi lovers about the USA they yell at us labeling us of being sionists and so on... when i post what aoun said about asking the help of usa they say i m a zionist or whatever!

and now? waw! they support it just because their leaders say so???! see the hypocrisy? LOL it did not take them more than a week to support this kind of dialogue they spat on before! LOL

Thumb jabal10452 04 November 2013, 16:48

Well peace, why don't we just applaud their change of heart for a change. This is politics, see? HA might be a militia, but it is also a political party. They see that conditions change and they act accordingly.

But then again, we are basing this discussion on unconfirmed reports. Let's wait and see how it crystallizes. But I do welcome any dialog among traditional foes. I could lead to things easing up a little here.

This will drive the Saudis crazy, I know. So what.

Missing peace 04 November 2013, 16:53

who cares about saudis? and who are behind saudis if not USA?
if this info is true, it proves that hezbis are facing a deadend and need now to talk if they are to survive...
if they were confident in their strength they would not talk to those they call "satan"! but of course M8ers will not admit that...
but then again only a koweiti newspaper report this info, let's wait and see !

Thumb benzona 04 November 2013, 17:48

I knew it Iceman :-)

Thumb Bandoul 04 November 2013, 18:03

@lebanonforever, please note the American people in general are a peace loving, hard working, tax paying bunch who accept and abide but idea of the rule of law. There are exception of course. While I understand your sentiment about the shady dealing of a government, like any other government, please try not to promote the idea that we Americans create and export extremism. We do more good around the world in a single day in so many unreported stories that our government like any other government does in pursuit of oil, money and power, in a whole year. The people in the US are awakening to the idea that we are capable and should be oil independent. When and if that should prevail we will withdraw from the world theater, everyone will then wish we didn't because mayhem will ensue. Conclusion, the US does far more good than bad while the rest just do bad in general.

Missing peace 04 November 2013, 19:22

"if hezb was an islamist fanatic party you'd be dead by now. "

yes they are... only brainwashed things cannot see it...or deny it for their own interests...
honestly? hezbollah are not fanatics? best comment ever from the useless thing!!!!!! LOL

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 21:03

The eternal flame post's on the side of Assad in every article then claims to not support Assad? Your Idol Aoun is Assad's servant, but you do not support Assad? Your Iranian hero's are Assad partners in the Glorious Axis and are fighting to keep him in power, but you do not support Assad?

Thumb beiruti 04 November 2013, 21:47

So now, Hezbollah is playing nice with the US!! How can it be?? Oh yes, the US is supportive of Iran now and so the word has gone forth from Tehran to Dahieyh that the US is no longer the great evil for which Shia should martyr themselves, now the Americans are good people with which to dialogue.

So Nasrallah, how to explain to the families of all the martyrs that their loved ones died at the hands of the US and its Zionist Daughter Israel and it was all just a joke!! Had Iran said something else then someone else would have been the Great Satan. It seems that Hezbollah has no mind of its own, it just blindly follows whatever serves Iran's interests. Who would lay down their lives for this outfit anymore??

Thumb general_puppet 04 November 2013, 22:11

Mighty flim-flam thrower, what makes you think anyone is interested in debating a paid propagandist like you? Posters respond to your comments in order to debunk your revisionist BS and to have a little fun with you… after all things are tough all over, Assad lovers like you serve a purpose in providing comic relief.

Thumb beiruti 05 November 2013, 02:07

When Hezbollah talks to the Us, who is the hypocrite????

Thumb freedomarch 08 November 2013, 01:44

rwr you are not even worth for a rear...