Samaha Trial Postponed to May 2014

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The trial of former Minister Michel Samaha has been postponed to May 2014 after authorities failed once again to summon Syrian security chief General Ali Mamlouk, reported LBCI television on Tuesday.

It revealed that the trial was postponed to May 30, 2014.

Tuesday's hearing only lasted about four minutes, added LBCI, saying that members of Samaha's family, including his wife, were present in the courtroom.

Samaha's lawyer Sakher Hashem told LBCI that he is seeking to present a request to release the former minister from custody.

“Samaha is in very good health and we hope that we will soon see him released,” he remarked.

Samaha, who is considered close to the Syrian regime, was arrested in August last year for planning attacks in Lebanon along with the two Syrian officials.

His trial includes Mamlouk and a Syrian colonel identified only by his first name Adnan.

Samaha's trial had previously been postponed from June to December 3 over the failure to summon Mamlouk.

The former minister and two Syrian official were indicted in February "for transporting explosives from Syria to Lebanon in an attempt to assassinate Lebanese political and religious leaders."

The Lebanese judiciary sent Syria a formal notification of the warrants and charges in February, but received no response.

In the event of a non-response, Lebanese law allows for the trial against Samaha to proceed with Mamlouk being tried in absentia, but the court has not so far suggested it would take that approach.

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Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 03 December 2013, 12:41

and wissam el Hassan would have died for nothing .
the state of Lebanon is the biggest lie of the 21st century

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 December 2013, 15:32


Thumb _mowaten_ 03 December 2013, 15:33

i think he is seeking affection, he didnt get much from his parents (understandably)

Missing imagine_1979 03 December 2013, 15:58

We are really sorry for that we should just shut up and obey to what ever hezbollah wants... We can start trying democratie iranian style... (Sorry for this one we cannot use youtube,twitter,facebook....) but sorry man really...

Thumb FlameCatcher 03 December 2013, 18:55

Accept War with Israel
Accept War in Syria
Accept to be branded as terrorists all around the world
Accept to have our economy ruined
Accept to have our youth flee the country
Accept to have an entire terrorist ARMY in Lebanon
Accept to be treated as scum by all embassies when asking for VISAs
Accept to have foreign terrorists bomb our country for revenge
Accept to have our country and democracy dismantled
Accept to have a complete political void

Can you tell this forum how low are you willing to drop your pants for HA ?

Missing imagine_1979 03 December 2013, 16:33

And guess what me and my family will stay in this country, and as we fought angaint south lebanon army (lebanese army guys ordered by israel we will be force to fight against this iranian ordered guys.. I only wished that my childreen wouldn't have the same stupid childhood i did...

Missing imagine_1979 03 December 2013, 16:33

Well me and my familly are forced to live in a country where vital (security) desisions are taken by hezbollah alone, he can initiate war when he wants and after he gives us "lawou kountiu a3lam" before his divine victory. We are forced to live in a coutry where our vote doesnot count (with few black shirts they bring down governements) a country where politicitians like joumblat goes on tv saying that it is like this and we cannot do anything about it, a country where people get shot in front of embassies in front of cameras and no one care, a country where guys wanted for assassination by international tribunal are treated like saints, a country where wanted people for bombings donnot go to security forces bc they don't like them (ali eid for exemple) a country run by hezbollah with a cover from other factions to give a democratic image...

Missing imagine_1979 03 December 2013, 18:43

Well i hvn't said anything about kateeb in my post, i could hv, in fact i will; kateeb did made mistakes during the war as well as communists kouwmi jumblat and i can go on... The south lebanese army descided to put itself under the command of the israely occupation just as now hezbollah hv put itself under the command of iranian gards or at least is acting so and the worse is that hezbollah feels itself over all law and is taking decisions that afect all of us without consulting no one but its comand even own was not aware of 2006 operation that came after a similar one in gaza only few months before (so they had an exemple of what could hv happened but they did it anyway... And now in syria and god knows where else... What kind of resistance is that??? And i wish things would hv been different, i wish we could finaly live in peace but here we are....