2 Syrians Arrested for Attempting to Smuggle Drugs in Chocolate, Christmas Ornaments

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Security forces arrested on Tuesday two Syrians for attempting to smuggle drugs to a country in the Arab Gulf, reported the National News Agency.

It said that Anti-Drug Bureau in Zahle, in cooperation with the main office in Beirut, raided a Dekwaneh residence and arrested the two suspects.

The security forces discovered that the suspects were planning on smuggling 20,000 captagon pills in Kinder Surprise chocolate, Christmas ornaments, three fake Christmas trees, and a snowman.

The security forces also discovered equipment to prepare and package Kinder Surprise chocolate whereby the suspects would hide the drugs inside the chocolate before wrapping them again.

The suspects were initially seeking to smuggle the drugs hidden in fridges specialized in freezing fish

After preparing the fridges, they were informed by the export company that they were cooperating with that there were some errors in the manner in which the fridges were packaged.

The suspects consequently returned the drug shipment to the Dekwaneh apartment where they sought alternative methods to hide and smuggle the drugs.

They opted to hide the drugs in the chocolate, Christmas trees, and ornaments.

The Zahle Anti-Drug Bureau had been monitoring their activity and raided their residence on Tuesday.

The suspects have since been taken to the Zahle bureau for investigation.

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Thumb Mystic 10 December 2013, 20:31

Nah icecream, just some people from the Al Nusra front wanting to smuggle some good drugs for your table christmas eve.

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 December 2013, 10:37

ice-boy was crying yesterday that i was harassing him. but today he's back on my leg like a puppy you can't get rid of

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 December 2013, 10:35

funny how m14ers and friends get busted everyday with drugs, yet banini is still convinced it's a m8 thing.

Thumb FlameCatcher 11 December 2013, 10:58

Yes, and you are from the "tawashan minority" :)

@Mowten @ FT : I didn't know M14 was so powerful with followers in Syria...

It's funny how you accuse them of smuggling drugs when it's not hidden that Hezbollah and other Rogue Shiite groups control this trade...

You're pathetic...

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 December 2013, 12:21

no it's funny how YOU always accuse Hezbollah with the only basis being US political accusations and slander.

Thumb FlameCatcher 11 December 2013, 13:14

No I accuse Hezbollah and other Shiite groups (which are actually rarely talked about and are just as strong) because I happened to visit some of the farmers and villages which fall in the middle of Hezbollah controlled "territories" which are off limits to the army.

In fact, since the Syrians left Lebanon and the Syrian Army trucks are no longer used to smuggle the drugs out of the country, organisations like Hezbollah took over the smuggling part. They have the logistics needed to move such quantities in and out of the country.

No need for US and "accusations"... this is not a "theory" and is certainly something you can verify yourself.

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 December 2013, 15:25

habibi i dont care where you've been, i dont like your sectarianism, it's disgusting. i think you should also visit bcharreh, one of the biggest production area, before you point fingers on a sect.

criminals exist everywhere, pointing out selectively to throw sectarian hatred on an entire sect is pathetic.

Thumb FlameCatcher 11 December 2013, 17:38

@Mowaten : please demonstrate my sectarianism :) I challenge you to do that !

Just because I state that Hezbollah is Shiite and that there are Shiite drug networks means I'm sectarian ?

You who call all Sunni / Mustaqbal Cannibals, Terrorists or Extremists ? You dare accuse me of sectarianism ?

I call a CAT a CAT and when I define a group of individuals, criminals or terrorists by their sect, it's because they are created as such.

Hezbollah is exclusively Shiite. I never said all Shiites are Hezbollah terrorists. I'm not like you turning all Sunnis into Al-Qaeda !

The fact that most of the drug activity is controlled by Shiites does not make me sectarian. It makes them sectarian.

Just like the Hezbollah you defend !

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 December 2013, 19:35

no need for me to demonstrate anything, you took care of it with your "shia this" and "shia that" comments, they're on this very thread for all to see.

as for your claim that i called all sunnis cannibals or terrorists or anything, it's a pure and simple lie you're throwing in my face to try to justify your own sectarianism. anyone who follows the discussions here knows i never said that, and i bet you anything you want you can search all my comments and never find something like that.

finally, i'm still waiting for your answer on what was the core of the subject: the fact that hashish is also grown in bcharreh, amongst other places which contradicts your sectarian accusations.

Thumb FlameCatcher 11 December 2013, 20:06

@Mowaten : i'm extremely careful about nuances and am very precise as to whom I talk about.

Unlike others, I never put ALL Shias and ALL Sunnis in the same basket.

The reality is that all these "groups" are defined primarily by sect. Do you see any other major distinction ?

So if I say Shiite Groups, I mean Shiite organised crime units that are beyond Hezbollah control. Just as Hezbollah does not represent all shiites !

If I talk about Sunni Terrorists, it doesnt mean all Sunnis are terrorists.

There is nothing sectarian about me or my line of thinking.

What's sectarian is the way these "groups" are formed. Around sects, not beliefs, not values !

If Al Qaeda made up of both muslims and christians, the world would be completely different today.

If Hezbollah was name HezbLebnen and not exclusively Shiite), then they would truly be a Lebanese resistance. This is not the case. They defined themselves as such. Not me !