U.S. Cites Companies, Individuals for Violating Iran Sanctions

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The United States on Thursday cited more than a dozen companies and individuals for evading international sanctions on Iran or for links to Tehran's nuclear program.

"Today's actions should be a stark reminder to businesses, banks and brokers everywhere that we will continue relentlessly to enforce our sanctions, even as we explore the possibility of a long-term, comprehensive resolution of our concerns with Iran's nuclear program," said David Cohen, Treasury under secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.

U.S. citizens or companies are barred from engaging in transactions with any of the firms and individuals named on Thursday and also freezes the assets of the targeted entities and individuals.

Those listed included companies that are alleged to have engaged in transactions on behalf of the National Iranian Tanker Company and another previously identified Iranian front company, KASB International.

The U.S. State Department also named five Iranian entities and several people that it alleges provide goods and services that contribute, or risked contributing, to Iran's nuclear program or its development of ballistic missiles.

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Thumb geha 12 December 2013, 16:51

another reminder to all m8 idiots: if iran does not abide by the agreement, all hell will brake loose n them :)

Thumb scorpyonn 12 December 2013, 17:52

It needs to!

Thumb scorpyonn 12 December 2013, 17:57

I do not trust these people as far as I can throw them and we all know that they will play games because they think they are smarter than everyone else. I have no doubt that they are playing games and I hope the US is ready to show them what the consequences of that type of behavior yield.

Default-user-icon Hammerhead (Guest) 13 December 2013, 00:30

Tehran is well aware that the West is trying to resolve the issue of Iran's nuclear program peacefully, and avoid an all out strike. The West has been grasping at any initiative presented by Iran for a solution. Iran is playing them with these false initatives to buy time. The end result is hard to predict.