Charbel Denies Vehicle Gets Through Awwali Checkpoint for Christmas Bombing

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel denied a report on Monday that a suspicious car was able to cross the Lebanese army's checkpoint in the southern city of Sidon following a clash.

In remarks to Voice of Lebanon (100.5), Charbel said: “No suspicious vehicle crossed al-Awwali” bridge.

“These are just information and the investigation hasn't yet produced any result,” he said.

His denial came after al-Liwaa daily reported that the driver of a vehicle to be used in bomb attacks was able to cross the military checkpoint at al-Awwali bridge at the northern entrance of Sidon.

The newspaper quoted sources as saying that the clash between the members of the checkpoint and a gunman on Sunday night helped the driver pass by them to use the car in an attack during Christmas.

The army said in a communique that an attacker hurled a hand grenade at the checkpoint, prompting troops to retaliate, which left the gunman dead and two soldiers wounded.

An Nahar newspaper said the armed man was riding a four-wheeler. Neither the army nor An Nahar confirmed whether there were other suspects in other vehicles.

MTV said the army was on Monday carrying out a raids to arrest several suspects involved in the Awwali attack.

In a near simultaneous attack, an Envoy-type SUV carrying three gunmen arrived at the army checkpoint in Sidon’s Majdelyoun area and one of them left the vehicle and blew himself up with a hand grenade, the army said.

The suspect and a soldier were killed, and another wounded, the communique said.

The checkpoint’s members opened fire at the other two gunmen and killed them, the army added.

An Nahar said that the Envoy was registered in the name of Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir, who has gone into hiding since the June clashes between his supporters and the army in Sidon.

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Thumb primesuspect 16 December 2013, 08:12

HA wants 2 finish of assir's mosque in the city.

Thumb ice-man 16 December 2013, 08:45

@Flamethrower!!!!!???? your comments are totally inappropriate, offensive, and reprehensible. If you think such deplorable attitude would earn you some respect, you are very mistaken. Your constant sectarian tone and insults directed at certain posters/users are wearing thin. I ask that you refrain once and for all from such repetitive and repulsive behavior.

Missing marwanhadeed 16 December 2013, 08:57

All of what is happenning is the result of hezb iran actions. The day thry are exterminated is going to be a great day. i cant wait till the day when i wake up and i hear the big rat hiding in the sewer is sent to hell

Thumb ice-man 16 December 2013, 09:27

Don't pretend you are innocent. You are now attacking me? Why? What have I ever done to you to deserve your unwarranted anger and frustration. I have the right to express my opinion when I see inappropriate comments such as yours. I am tired of your personal attacks on me and others. Please, stay away from me and stop harassing me. Can you do that, please?

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Sorry, but your offending @bani is intolerable. Your pretending may fool some but not all. Here is a link to your similar comments in another post. Now, tell me who is telling the truth. I think everybody can see your misrepresentation of the truth. Let people judge. You get me upset..... I don't wish to talk to you anymore!

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ice-man is nothing more than a troll.

Thumb cedars2 16 December 2013, 08:24

Thats the christmass spirit skeleton. I think you are going to have a lot of company. Lol skeleton...

Thumb -phoenix1 16 December 2013, 15:24

I can see that this report is incomplete and thus will only exacerbate speculation further. So far nothing has been conclusive, and it would help if the state and the media make such releases a lot more clear.