Two LAW Rockets Found at Sidon Garbage Landfill

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Lebanese army discovered on Monday two rockets near garbage landfill in the southern city of Sidon.

MTV said that the two LAW rockets were found near the landfill.

One of them was ready to be detonated.

The army has since cordoned off the area until the arrival of the military expert.

The discovery came shortly after a double attack against two army checkpoints in Sidon on Sunday.

An army communique said three suspects were passing on foot through a checkpoint at al-Awwali bridge at Sidon's entrance at 9:00 pm Sunday when a soldier asked for their identification papers.

One of the suspects threatened him with a grenade, which blew up when the soldier opened fire on him, it said.

The suspect was killed and two soldiers at the checkpoint were injured. The other two suspects escaped.

Forty five minutes later, a Palestinian blew himself up near an army checkpoint in the Majdelyoun area, killing himself and a sergeant, and wounding a soldier.

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Thumb LebCynic 16 December 2013, 20:19

This is nothing short of a discrace. These thugs should be hunted and dealt with with the strongest possible arm of the law. The LAF are our symbolic identity and our protectors.

Thumb cedre 16 December 2013, 20:37

I love LAW/AT4,better than russian rpg7 BS...