Extraordinary Security Measures throughout Lebanon during Holiday Season

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The military institution announced on Saturday that extraordinary security measures will be adopted during the holiday season “to protect citizens and their possessions.”

“In order to preserve stability in the country and to protect all citizens, the army has expanded its deployment in the North, Mount Lebanon, Beirut, the Bekaa and the South,” the Army Command announced in a released communique.

It added: “We have adopted a series of strict security measures especially around places of worship, on main roads, in shopping malls, public institutions and touristic places.”

“This aims at assuring citizens, and protecting their lives and possessions.”

The Army Command urged citizens to “fully cooperate” with the newly adopted procedures.

“We urge them also to collaborate and communicate with military forces particularly when they suspect something that might put their security and safety at risk,” the communique stressed.

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Missing theobserver 21 December 2013, 16:05

God bless the lebanese army !

Thumb lebanon_first 21 December 2013, 20:21

there is a lowlife that thumbed you down. Must be Bachar.