Report: 'Weak' Coordination between Security Apparatuses despite 'Extraordinary Measures'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Coordination between security agencies during the holiday season and amid a growing threat of bombings and sectarian attacks is “weak,” a security official told An Nahar daily published on Sunday.

The official said that the coordination is not up to par with the “very dangerous situation.”

There is no real exchange of information between the security officials, leaving a security gap, he said.

The army announced on Saturday that “extraordinary security measures” will be adopted during the holiday season.

It has expanded its deployment in the North, Mount Lebanon, Beirut, the Bekaa and the South.

The communique said that the army has “adopted a series of strict security measures especially around places of worship, on main roads, in shopping malls, public institutions and touristic places.”

It urged citizens to “fully cooperate” with the newly adopted procedures.

An Nahar said Sunday that the army intelligence and General Security have mobilized all their units.

The measures will continue until after the New Year, it said.

Also Sunday, Internal Security Forces acting chief Brig. Gen. Ibrahim Basbous ordered the ISF to be on alert starting 8:00 am Monday.

He asked officers to carry out more patrols and set up checkpoints on major roads and mainly near places of worship, nightclubs, restaurants and malls.

The agencies have also asked private security companies to immediately inform them about any suspicious person or move, An Nahar added.

Several bombings have rocked Lebanon lately amid a rise in Salafist groups who targeted the army in the southern city of Sidon last week.

Some areas have also witnessed tit-for-tat sectarian attacks.

The violence is largely linked to the civil war in neighboring Syria.

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Default-user-icon Hammerhead (Guest) 22 December 2013, 08:33

Our glories army now a skeleton of its former glory. Under the command of HA, thay are trying to give the impression that the Christians will be targeted by takfirirs during Christmas and new year.
Our only fear is that we will be by Assad, to reinforce the illusion that at present we are under threat from them.

Thumb benzona 22 December 2013, 08:45

the people are not united, why would the various security agencies be?

Thumb jcamerican 22 December 2013, 10:32

Well said.

Thumb benzona 22 December 2013, 10:54


Thumb lebanon_first 22 December 2013, 10:52

The security agencies are not coordinating due to inefficiency and unprofessionalism. Not because of sectarianism.

Thumb benzona 22 December 2013, 10:56

i beg to differ, there are sellouts in every single agency. keep in mind that some are also on political party payrolls. hence, no trust towards other people. just like prior to 9/11, FBI, NSA, CIA etc. were not collaborating properly.