Harb 'Ready to Forgive' His Attempted Assassin

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Telecommunications Minister Boutros Harb revealed on Wednesday that he is ready to forgive those who tried to kill him in July 2012.

"It is in my nature to forgive people and those who harmed me,” Harb said in an interview on NBN television.

"Forgiveness is one of the main values I believe in, and I am in no position to condemn people,” he explained.

He continued: “As Christians, we forgive those who have harmed us and I was moved by Pope John Paul II's visit to the person who tried to shoot him and I will not hesitate to do the same thing.”

The minister noted that he had not filed any complaint against his attempted assassin.

"To the person who tried to kill me I tell him you are forgiven,” he said.

Harb escaped the assassination bid in July 2012 after residents of a building in which his office is located in the Beirut district of Badaro discovered individuals trying to booby-trap the elevator.

An arrest warrant in absentia was issued in 2013 against Mahmoud Hayek, a Hizbullah member accused in the assassination attempt against Harb.

State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr had demanded life in prison with hard labor for Hayek, who is still on the run.

The Telecom Minister also discussed the presidential race in the interview, reiterating that there is an agreement on Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea as March 14's nominee for office.

"Geagea is running for office to win in the race. He has the right to nominate himself and it is our duty as allies to stand by his side,” he added.

He also stressed that the coalition is concerned with having the principles it cherishes in office, not only with electing a certain person.

"(Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel) Aoun also has the right to be a candidate,” he remarked.

"But presenting himself as a consensual candidate does not correspond with his history,” he pointed out.



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Missing zahle_nights17 30 April 2014, 22:54

anonymetexasusa, I agree with you 100%.. I strongly feel the same about Harb. I just hope he is doing this out of his Christian convictions, and not just thriving for personal gain..

Thumb ibinherathreik 30 April 2014, 23:02

texas ditto

Default-user-icon True Lebanese (Guest) 01 May 2014, 00:30

What assassin? The repairman had left his work tool in the elevator of his building at a time that harb was not even there.

Hahahaha this is like geagea's magic flowers and hallucinations of drones.

Default-user-icon Abe (Guest) 01 May 2014, 01:19

I believe no political leader has clean hands as far as murder. I respect beach ir for some of his patriotic stances, yet he had blood on his hands, and it's just hippocrytical for me to hear he said that!

Missing forces 01 May 2014, 05:48

What is really sad is that certain folks feel the need to pacify ha and excuse their wrong doings all the time. I am always happy to be proven wrong on any argument when presented with credible facts. I am also happy to accept ha's right to resist if presented with credible facts but I will not however accept anyone to be above the law and hide from their responsibilities or actions when they break the law particularly using their positions of power or trust granted to them to their personal advantage.

Default-user-icon Bolpash Khozamdij (Guest) 01 May 2014, 09:35

How convenient by Mar Butros! Or, as gabby14 says: Real ClASS! Now when gabby14 talks about clASS, we know he means it.

Missing rami 01 May 2014, 11:39

Didn't the unknown suspect escape to Dahieh?

Thumb FlameCatcher 01 May 2014, 12:27

@FT : You really are pathetic about the "ID" ... why is Hezbollah protecting him then ? He's innocent according to you... maybe you did it !

Thumb FlameCatcher 01 May 2014, 12:26

@FT : youre the joke. It's like your Dahye suicide bombers with intact IDs when their bodies are blown to millions of pieces !

Harb may forgive but we will never forget that Hezbollah is behind all these assassination attempts.

May Hassan Nasrallah be hanged for his crimes !

Thumb FlameCatcher 01 May 2014, 12:37

@Roar : thank you for proving the world you're a total idiot !

Yet to be proved ? With both physical and video evidence ? A suspect fleeing the scene and formally identified ?

Hezbollah protecting the suspect ?

You are a joke ! The people you support are murderers... and you complain about people forgiving them for their crimes ?

Missing peace 01 May 2014, 14:16

funny that your "principles" only apply to M8... but you soon forget them when you accuse others not belonging to M8 but rather you find them excuses lol

you cannot be subhuman as you are just a parasite ... you are just useless as all M8ers are....

Thumb FlameCatcher 01 May 2014, 19:23

@FT : you wouldn't admit to a Hezbollah crime even if they murdered your mother in front of you.

Proof is there. You ignoring the evidence doesn't mean it doesn't exist. This criminal is demanded by the Lebanese justice system. And you fail to deliver him.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 01 May 2014, 17:00

yes flamethrower. HA is victimized once more by the people who got blown up and escaped being blown up. When will they ever stop?! can't they just leave these peaceful, fun loving people alone? I mean they even get blamed for attempting to assassinate others by using a bomb when all they were doing were settling a car purchase dispute by playing hot potato with a bomb. why can't they just be left alone? whyyyyyyyyyyy!

Missing forces 01 May 2014, 17:36

I am still not convinced, if he had left his shoe at the scene then we would have had him for sure..