Syria Rebels Poised for Final Retreat from Heart of Homs

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The last rebels were poised to leave the center of the battleground Syrian city of Homs on Thursday, handing a symbolic victory to President Bashar Assad ahead of a controversial election.

Rebels hit back in the historic heart of Aleppo, blowing up a luxury hotel turned army position after tunneling under the front line that divides the main northern city.

At least 80 percent of rebel fighters have already left the Old City of Homs under the unprecedented negotiated evacuation that began on Wednesday, provincial governor Talal Barazi told AFP.

The remaining 300-400 were due to leave on Thursday, Barazi said, although no evacuation buses had emerged by early afternoon.

The pullout from the city center after a siege of nearly two years leaves the rebels confined to a single district in the outskirts of a city that what was for long an iconic bastion of the uprising.

Barazi said negotiations were well advanced for the rebels to leave that neighborhood too in the coming weeks.

"Eighty percent of the rebels have left the city. The remaining 20 percent will leave on Thursday," Barazi told AFP.

"On Wednesday, 980 people left, the great majority rebels but some of them civilians, including women and children."

He said just 300 to 400 people now remained in the Old City and they too would be bussed out on Thursday to the opposition-held town of Dar al-Kabira, 20 kilometers (13 miles) north of Homs.

Barazi was able to visit his former office in the Old City on Thursday for the first time in three years.

It is not the first deal between the government and the rebels -- a number of ceasefires have been agreed in the outskirts of Damascus.

But it is the first time that rebel fighters have withdrawn from an area they controlled under an accord with the government.

The government allowed the remaining rebels in Homs to pull out with some of their weapons in return for the release of dozens of prisoners and hostages held by opposition fighters and the delivery of relief supplies to two pro-government towns in the north which they have besieged.

The negotiations were overseen by the ambassador of Syria's close ally Iran.

Abu Wissam, one of the last rebel fighters awaiting evacuation from the city center, bemoaned the outside interests now at play in a conflict that had begun as an Arab Spring-inspired protest movement.

"I took part in the protests from very early on. During that time, there were no international agendas controlling the protests. Everyone acted freely and spontaneously," he told AFP via the Internet.

"But now, everyone is moved like pawns in a chess game. The evacuation is a big game that has been in the planning" for many months by regional and international powers, he said.

There have been many sieges imposed by both sides in the three-year-old conflict but that of the Old City of Homs has been by the far longest.

Some 2,200 people were killed as near daily bombardment reduced the area to ruins.

The rebel pullout comes less than a month before a controversial presidential election, described as farce by Western governments and the opposition, that is expected to return Assad to office.

On a visit to Washington for talks with President Barack Obama, opposition chief Ahmad Jarba said the vote will give Assad "a license ... to kill his own people for many years to come."

In Aleppo, the rebel attack completely destroyed the Carlton Citadel Hotel, just across the road from the city's UNESCO-listed Citadel, which the army had been using as a frontline position.

At least 14 soldiers and pro-government militiamen were killed in the explosion and its aftermath, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The Islamic Front, the largest rebel alliance in Aleppo, said it carried out the attack, which state television said also destroyed neighboring historic buildings.

Meanwhile, a deal securing the rebel evacuation of Homs is in exchange for the release of 40 Alawite women and children, an Iranian woman and 30 Syrian soldiers, a rebel spokesman said Thursday.

Under the agreement, "30 soldier prisoners and an officer held in Aleppo, as well as an Iranian woman" have been set free, said a spokesman for the Islamic Front, a massive rebel alliance.

In addition, "40 Alawite civilians who were being held by the (extremist) Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and then left behind after they withdrew from Latakia province" earlier this year are being released, the Aleppo-based spokesman added.

A rights activist from Latakia confirmed that all 40 Alawite civilians -- who come from the same offshoot of Shiite Islam as Assad -- are women and children.

Fifteen of them were released Wednesday, and the remainder due to be freed Thursday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

On Thursday, state television also reported their release, but made no mention of any soldiers or an Iranian woman being freed.

The 40 Alawites were among more than 100 who had been kidnapped by jihadist ISIL during August 2013 fighting between it and other rebels against the army.

Their release is in exchange safe passage for hundreds of rebels trapped in the besieged Old City of Homs, who are being evacuated to the north of Homs province.

At least 60 other women and children from Latakia remain unaccounted for.

The deal also involves the distribution of aid into Nubol and Zahraa, two Shiite, pro-regime towns in Aleppo province that are under siege by the rebels, said the spokesman.

Rebels had initially reported the evacuation of Homs city's rebel bastion would be in exchange for Syrian, Iranian and Lebanese fighters.

The deal is unprecedented because it is the first deal signed between rebels, including the powerful Islamic Front, and the government's security agencies, after negotiations supervised by the ambassador of Damascus ally Iran.

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Missing coolmec 08 May 2014, 17:46

Hello Southern
How are you my friend?
As far as I am concerned I would be happy to see peace returning to Syria so the 2 million Syrian refuges would go back to their homes. Their presence in Lebanon has overwhelmed our already antiquated and out of wack system

Thumb -phoenix1 08 May 2014, 19:08

Southern, I share Coolmec's views, and I hope this war in Syria will end soon and see all them Syrians leave our country. I honestly care less who is with the regime or against it, as far as concerns me, both are a plague to us all. may the war end soon, and may we see them all leave for good. In fact they can begin to do so now, the regime has enough lands back with it, and the so-called rebels too, so why do we have to keep them?

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 19:30

Because he is a fake person. He even made a copy of Southern, just another Israeli this fake jnoubi.

Thumb FlameCatcher 08 May 2014, 17:54

@SouthernIranBorderinLebanon : Hariri and Geagea are not involved in Syria. They do not have death squads operating there unlike your terrorist mercenaries ordered by Iran to offer assistance to the criminal Bashar !

You can jerk off to your victory because it's the last victory of Hezbollah. You have lost all respect in Lebanon and will soon lose your traitor Hassan Nasrallah who will be hanged publicly for his crimes and for selling Lebanon to Iran !

Thumb FlameCatcher 08 May 2014, 18:34

I'm not paranoid, You're the one who believes Zionist Sunni Takfiri Cannibals are invading Lebanon ! It must be all the drugs you deal and consume !

You have no single shred of evidence to support your claim that Hariri or Geagea are involved in Syria. Who's paranoid again ?

Thumb FlameCatcher 08 May 2014, 18:42

@Crusher : How about you show me a single instance of me supporting anyone rather than fabricating lies about me ?

You are bankrupt of arguments! This is why you have to lie about me ?

You're even more pathetic than FT and Aoun !

Thumb chrisrushlau 08 May 2014, 18:52

It was not a retreat. It was an attack in reverse, also called retrograde advance.
Can you explain why Lebanon gives half of the seats in Parliament to so-called Christians when, by themselves, Lebanese Shiite Muslims are more than half the population?

Thumb FlameCatcher 08 May 2014, 18:57

Lebanese Shia are more than half the population ?

Where do you live ? Where do you get your numbers ? Nasrallah /

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 19:16

Even CIA's estimate that Shia are the majority sect of Lebanon ya CandleCatcher.

Missing peace 08 May 2014, 19:43

no miss tic... i receive my salary from Lebanon... it is not because you receive yours from tehran to which you publicly pledged allegiance that everyone is a traitor like you....

and if that is all you got as arguments then you are very very weak, miss tic ....

Thumb FlameCatcher 08 May 2014, 18:17

Because Southern believes Iran + Syria + Lebanon is one and the same country. The Shiite Empire of Ayatolah Khomeini whose not worth more than a single pubic hair.

What Southern doesn't understand is that his Shia brothers in Iran hate Khomeini. They also hate Hezbollah and hate that their "image" is tarnished by association with these terrorists !

The same way all the free Lebanese hate the fact that Hezbollah is ruining their image accross the world !

Missing coolmec 08 May 2014, 18:32

Hey Southern
By the way you reminded me I read your answers naming the fake accounts and I replied I am not sure you read my reply but in any case as you said you won the free dinner so I owe you a dinner...
on the other hand I am not sure you will agree with me on that one but I view the Syrian crisis as lasting for a while. While I do not support Bashar as the ruler of Syria I certainly prefer him over the other scary and barbaric alternative.
I equate Syria and Lebanon in the sense that both countries keep leaders from the old guard with blood on their hands and a dark history, No chance is given to the new blood and the better educated. This is the Middle east bro

Thumb FlameCatcher 08 May 2014, 18:44

Syria is very well kept together ! When Bashar kicked out 20% of his population and achieves kicking out the entire 80% of people who want to see him go, he will have a very unified country !

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 19:35

Indeed Southern, your facts always enrage these takfiri supporters. Keep it up brother!

Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 08 May 2014, 18:36

Syrian rebels still naharnet say
what made the mou3arada loose in Syria is that some countries including Lebanon called terrorists and fanatics extremists rebels
shame that a rightfull people uprising was burned and lost in the name of religion
god bless democracy and god bless the rule of law in all the arrab world

Missing coolmec 08 May 2014, 18:49

Flame Catcher
he will not succeed in the long run

Missing peace 08 May 2014, 18:55

of course he won't but M8ers hope he will because they have their privileges from him like in the old days when they thanked him for all the good his regime did to lebanon....

Missing coolmec 08 May 2014, 19:39

thanked him for all the good he did to Lebanon??
Yeaaaaaaaaaa rightttttttt!!!!

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 19:49

You failed, by supporting these takfiris, murdering innocent civilians. The Resistance didn't enter the fight before last year, while you M14 bloodlusters, supported the takfiris with arms and credits.

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 20:14

Akid FT once again, the truth hurts these bloodlusters.

Missing people-power 08 May 2014, 20:44

Let me quote the biggest idiot ever, in the history of this website....

"in any self respecting countries, your IP would be tracked and you'd be arrested for identity theft, sectarian hate talk and historical revisionism"

I've never heard a more idiotic comment in my life. But then again he has a history of idiotic comments, so I'm sure he will top even this one.

This is coming from the same person who admitted that Hezbollah killed Rafik Hariri, and said we should simply let Hezbollah get away with their crimes, without any punishment.