9 Fugitives, Including Leaders of Armed Fighters in Tripoli, Turn themselves over to Authorities

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Leaders of armed fighters in the northern city of Tripoli turned themselves over to the military intelligence, the military institution announced in a communique.

"Ziad Allouki, Saad al-Masri, Khaled Qawwas and Omar Mheish, who have several arrest warrants against them, have turned themselves in," the Army Command said in a communique.

LBCI reported earlier in the day that the four fugitives have handed themselves over to the authorities.

It did not provide further details.

And in the evening, MTV reported that four other fugitives have turned themselves in to the army intelligence.

The four men were identified as Ali Sharkasi, Hassan Srour, Abdullah al-Helweh and Ahmed al-Abboud.

On Monday, Allouki's brother, Yehia, was arrested in Tripoli.

The Army Intelligence arrested him on multiple counts of “shooting, hurling hand grenades and taking part in acts that undermine security.”

Ziad Allouki was the so-called leader of the Souk al-Qameh fighting frontier in Tripoli's Bab al-Tabbaneh neighborhood.

Up until turning himself in, he went into hiding following the army and security forces' implementation of a security plan in the city.

In June 2013, the army raided an arms depot belonging to Ziad Allouki, which contained a quantity of explosives, local-made mortars, rifles, ammunition and other military equipment.

The security plan has resulted in the arrest of dozens of gunmen and fugitives in Tripoli and the eastern Bekaa region, but several wanted men have managed to escape, while others remain at large.



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Thumb cedre 08 May 2014, 15:24

its a bad deal then, unlike the deal HizbIran got for the Eids...

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 15:33

Good job, Lebanon is now safer. The Cowards surrendered

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 15:34

yes FT, I'm pretty sure something like that happend. Rifi is the Godfather of Salafists in Lebanon.

Thumb cedre 08 May 2014, 15:52

salafi without beard but with a blond wife with no hijab...
Mastic u're the new Nasser Qandil...

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 15:57

A salafi, is a supporter of these acts Ziad Alouki does. So is the ones that sponsors him, such as Rifi. But ofcourse Salafis such as yourself, will never be able to realize that.

Thumb cedre 08 May 2014, 16:31

thats not a very good definition mastic, even christians, shias , druze could fit in this definition.
What did Alouki do ? Respond to mortar shelling and gunfire from Jabal mohsen ? Is defending oneself being a salafi ?

Btw, indeed I hope I'm a salafi, ie a muslim following the pious predecessors, among them AbuBakr, Omar , Uthman and Ali, r.a.

And u mastic, who do u follow ? Khamenei ? Khomeini ? Bashar ?

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 16:38

Capturing regular Shia civilians on the streets of Tripoli, shooting on their feets and murders them, is that a hero to you Cedre? Comes as no surprise.

Thumb cedre 08 May 2014, 16:46

can u prove that alouki did that ?
Or is it another taqiya lie like when u told us that Ibn Taymia raped shia women ? Did u bring us evidence for that as well ?

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 19:09

http://www.naharnet.com/stories/en/107900 Alloukis men

Ibn Taymiyah Lanatullah raped Shi3a women aswell as Christian, he was a real tyrant. Read about him

Thumb cedre 09 May 2014, 00:04

ya mastic the qomi taqiya BSer, u didnt prove anything, u're a liar until u bring us evidence...

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 15:36

CandleCatcher, you guys are the cowards of all Lebanon, you were the ones cheering when Israel bombed Lebanese streets.

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 16:22

Phil you fake christian. This is for you and your Israeli/takfiris



Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 16:26

texas cowboy, I doubt it. All M14 were hailing Israeli airstrikes, so drop your false sympathy, nobody will bite on that.

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 16:27

I do not understand any so called Christians, that supports Israel. The zionists were the ones to bribe the Romans to capture Jesus Alayhi salam, to be begin with.

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 16:35

You are the one tainting his name, by claiming you are a Christian Phil. No more than that.

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 19:14

Texas nusra cowboy, another lie, I do not see any proof about this rice throwing. It is pure propaganda, and this video neither proofs it, or show any evidence of anything. Just a silly video, silly as all you people.

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 19:53

The SLA that were forced, and kicked out of Lebanon?

Thumb lebanon_first 08 May 2014, 15:36

Arrest of sunnites does not impress much, and is not to be reported, it is business as usual...

For something to be impressive, I want to see shia arrests and especially pro assad thugs, protected by HA be arrested and judged. That would be an upgrade in our justice system.

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 15:39

I would like to see every American, setting foot in Lebanon, arrested. But that seems to be impossible too.

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 15:55

Even more amusing, is how misled you guys are. All American brats, that thinks every person on Naharnet lives in the Hell called USA.

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 15:41

Sunnis and Salafis are two different groups Israel_first. Normal hard working sunnis, just wants to live their lives like regular people, but the Salafis like Ziad Alouki is a whole other matter.

Thumb cedre 08 May 2014, 15:55

give us ur definition of salafi/salfist, just for the fun and to embarass u a bit...

Thumb lebanon_first 08 May 2014, 15:57


We are tired of your filthy HA milicia taking over our country, deciding on what is legitimate and what is not, starting wars right left and center, stealing our customs, EDL and what not.

We are tired of those of your sect which have the arrogance to behave like the country belongs to them, like if the rest of the lebanese are second class citizens. Like if they are a special people in lebanon who are not concerned with the law, which only applies on others. Like on Ziad Alouki.

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 16:08

What wars? Protecting Lebanese borders, from takfiris trying to invade? Like it or not, the Resistance is part of our government and constitution, also the majority backs their Army and Resistance, a few people living overseas, whining everyday on Naharnet, aren't going to change that.

Israeli supporters & Takfiris are not welcome. Real patriots loves their Resistance.

Thumb Mystic 08 May 2014, 19:12

Not that simple, The Resistance rise, as poor farmers. Their lands were destroyed and their crops rolled over by Israeli tanks, so all this garbage about Southerners throwing rice, is pure salafi propaganda. The Resistance are the only ones that won against Israel, while you cowards, cheered everytime a building with civilians exploded. 2006 is never forgotten ya Israel_first. Now the majority Lebanese wants Hezbollah, so live with it. And go live in Israel or USA if you can't.

Missing imagine_1979 08 May 2014, 20:02

Hezbollah aka ISLAMIC RESISTENCE rose after assassination of leftists leaders in south lebanon, mainly shite leftists so it can take control over south lebanon, they have let berri take majless al janoub money so that population stays poor and can be bought (or assisted as they say..) they refused th the army goes to south lebanon after 2000, they have killed samer hana on purpose to set redlines for thr army (i can hardly see this as a mistake and the guy only got 6months jail) they are forbidding any shite against their opinion to stay (sayed el amine) killing discidents in the streets and no one does anything, the are taking over our country just like their masters in the islamic revolution guards who executed thousands of marxist after their comon revolution...
But u alreaddy know that, so relax mystic and go have some chupachups man...

Thumb lebanon_first 08 May 2014, 21:22

Texas-imagine. Thank you. I think that is all that can be said to Miss Tic, i wont loose my time debating him.

The guy has only 2 neurons. One is "I hate you you are israeli", and the second neuron is "i hate you you are takfiri". Outside of this dichotomy, it becomes too complicated for him, and he reverts to the first 2 neurons.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 May 2014, 15:57

The future of this country remains in the hands of the Lebanese Army, not in the hands of the politicians. As is reflected by this thread, the divisions and inter-suspicions are so deep now that only the full authority of our army extended to every single inch of our territory, ensuring contiguity and stability over a good period of time would insure that we Lebanese can depart from our antagonism of old and into a new era of inter-trust and cooperation. I like what our army is doing these days, even if it doesn't please some, but by and large if allowed to continue, in say a year or two, Lebanon will be a very different country, and for the better too.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 May 2014, 18:55

ALFINIK or Bani Maarouf. I am sure that if this forum wanted a Grey Gabonese Parrot, they would have asked of you to come and parrot those you don't like. But hey, if you are happy and keeps you busy, then go ahead, however you seem to be talking to yourself alone, and using your thumbing machine to make it look like your liked. Well...for the 99 words in your alphabet, doing good.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 May 2014, 20:35

And Bani Maarouf, stop this game of creating so many profiles, I caught you copy/pasting the same pharse from your current account of Ibinetc... to another one under another alias. Bass ta 2ellak, 3ayb...

Thumb cedre 08 May 2014, 16:33

u're right haboub, this country is rules by takfiris. LOL

Thumb cedre 08 May 2014, 16:48

*ruled. Salam , Saad and Rifi are the archetype of the salafis/takfiris...

Thumb ex-fpm 08 May 2014, 17:58

how do you know, did he play with you:)

Thumb FlameCatcher 08 May 2014, 16:43

@Mystake : No one cheered when Israel bombed Lebanon you god damn lying traitor !

Now it's time to put an end to your Iranian army after Iran has declared its borders now include south Lebanon.

Hezbollah is officially an Iranian Terrorist Army and has no single ounce of Lebanese identity.

Your days are counted. Hassan the Traitor will be hanged and you will be disarmed, kicked out, or god forbid eliminated. The choice is yours ! There is no place in this country for Iranian terrorist traitors !

Thumb shoo-yaba 09 May 2014, 02:05

I would like to add on Mystic's comment "All M14 were hailing Israeli airstrikes, so drop your false sympathy, nobody will bite on that". As I remember correctly the Christians opened their schools, homes and churches for the south people when Israel bombed the south - so how can you say they cheered? Did Nasrallah provide them shelters? I don't think so.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 May 2014, 18:53

ALFINIK or Bani Maarouf.. Just to let everyone know that you copy and pasted this post of mine from yesterday: http://www.naharnet.com/stories/en/129537-gemayel-aoun-agree-on-importance-of-holding-presidential-vote-by-may-25

Tot ou tard, we will have a president, but what should be avoided is the now chronic procrastination and the wasting of time. Lebanon is about to enter another Summer tourist season, till now things are shaping up relatively safely one could say. The country desperately needs to work and create income, our greedy Syrian refugees are gobbling up our jobs and businesses, the income from a good Summer season will alleviate a lot of pressing problems, so for once, let everyone start thinking of Lebanon instead of their selfish political agendas.

Thumb liberty 09 May 2014, 02:42

thanks for telling us about fake posters and hope your brother feels better now!