Number of Surrendered Tripoli Militants Rises to 11 amid Army Raids in Bab al-Tabbaneh, Jabal Mohsen

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army said on Friday that the number of fugitives linked to the deadly gunbattles in the northern city of Tripoli, who have handed themselves over to the military, has risen to 11.

An army communique released on Friday identified seven of the suspects as Abdullah Abdul Qader Mansour, Abdullah Mohammed al-Hilweh, Hassan Mohammed Srour, Ali Ali Jarkas, Ahmed Khaled al-Abboud, Khaled Fadi Shalabi and Syrian Khaled Mahmoud Mustafa.

The other four were identified in a communique released on Thursday as Ziad Allouki, Saad al-Masri, Khaled Qawwas and Omar Mheish.

In Friday's statement, the army said it arrested Mustafa Ramadan Mustafa and Syrians Hilal Ali al-Sheikh and Ali Riyad Maarouf during raids it carried out in Tripoli's Jabal Mohsen neighborhood.

Arrest warrants have been issued against them for taking part in the various rounds of fighting in Tripoli, the military said.

It added that it arrested Taleb Mohammed Mashlab Matar and his brother Bilal during a raid it carried out at dawn Friday in Beirut's Jnah neighborhood.

The two are wanted for their suspected involvement in shootings.

In the evening, the Army Command issued a statement saying "an arms depot was raided in Bab al-Tabbaneh and another in Jabal Mohsen and heavy and medium weapons and ammunition were found in them."

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Missing forces 09 May 2014, 11:48

News flash Army said number of fugitives wanted for the murder of Hariri and numerous others that handed themselves in has risen to ZERO. ashraaf ness

Thumb FlameCatcher 09 May 2014, 13:33

Hezbollah MURDERED it's own assassins. They "disappear" like vapor (Hablé in arabic).

Reports say that Hezbollah terrorist murderers involved in Hariri's assassinations are either DEAD (killed through strange circumstances) or EXILED in Iran.

Hezbollah even murdered their own MUGHNIEH (Terrorist in Chief) the same way Ghazi Kanaan commited suicide with 2 bullets in his head !

I understand Hezbollah does not want to provide access to the accused murderers because they will automatically incriminate Nasrallah (He actually incriminated himself by saying NO ONE in Hezbollah acts without the party's full approval and knowledge). But at least provide "proof of life" indicating that Hezbollah has not killed their own assassins :)

Thumb cedre 09 May 2014, 15:04

FC, its not Hizbiran that killed Mughnieh, but probably by Bashar...

Thumb FlameCatcher 09 May 2014, 15:22

I'm not that sure Cedre. Both Bashar and Hezbollah had to be implicated in his assassination to pass it off as an Israeli act and eliminate a key player in all of Hezbollah assassinations.

All Hezbollah assassins are threats to Hezbollah. If they get caught and "talk", it's over for them. The KEZBollah illusion crumbles like a house of card because it's built on LIES!

Thumb cedre 09 May 2014, 17:32

no phoenix, it was not the mullahs but Bashar that killed Mughnieh, Ghazi Kanaan and Muhammad Suleiman. They knew too much about the killings in Lebanon and the giraffe was scared of the international tribunal for lebanon.

Thumb FlameCatcher 09 May 2014, 17:33

They don't need the green light. But it's a courtesy call :)

Hezbollah was fully aware of the assassination though and have probably participated in it.

All loose ends must be tied !

Thumb -phoenix1 09 May 2014, 17:37

Hi Cedre, I cannot dispute your post because there are too many thesis
over this assassination, this is why I pasted several links so as to give an idea over the several ways the world looks at this matter. But thanks for the insight nevertheless.

Thumb liberty 10 May 2014, 02:26

hey flamethrower, putting the final touches to your daily chores at 2:30 in the morning I see. voting down and reporting people then off to bed for a fresh start in the morning..