Report: Aoun Remains Hizbullah's Sole Presidential Candidate

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah will not support the candidacy of any nominee but its ally Michel Aoun, the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, for the presidency.

Hizbullah officials stressed in comments to al-Akhbar newspaper published on Friday that the “party supports Aoun for presidency unless he has changed his mind.”

Sources told the daily that “Aoun is the party's only candidate and the cabinet is the main preserver of stability amid the ongoing situation in the country.”

“If any vacuum shall occur then the government could lead the country until an agreement is reached,” the sources.

President Michel Suleiman's tenure ends on May 25. By law, if no president has been chosen by the last 10 days of the incumbent's mandate, parliament cannot meet for legislative sessions except to elect a new president.

Thursday's parliamentary session faced the similar fate of its predecessor.

The first presidential elections session was held on April 23, but neither Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea nor Democratic Gathering MP Henri Helou garnered the necessary 86 votes to emerge victorious.

Two other sessions were supposed to be held, but they failed over lack of quorum after a March 8 camp boycott on the ongoing disagreement over a candidate.

Visitors quoted Hizbullah officials as saying that the party's leadership refuses to negotiate any candidate but Aoun.”

“Aoun or nobody” is the slogan that Hizbullah adopted, the visitors told al-Akhbar.

The newspaper said that prominent Maronite officials in the March 8 alliance, who are presidential hopefuls, asked for a meeting with Hizbullah secretary general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah but he refused to meet with them.



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Thumb popeye 16 May 2014, 09:05

“Aoun or nobody” is the slogan that Hizbullah adopted. Fine, go and vote for Aoun and practice democracy iranian style.

Missing forces 16 May 2014, 13:08

carefull ft you are showing your true colours.

Missing forces 16 May 2014, 13:28

Flame brother give up your HA dream. really for the sake of the country, you cannot see that M8 are playing FPM for fools. Aoun despite all his short comings is a Christian and Lebanese and it disappoints me that he has set himself up not only to fail but in doing so threatens the stability of the country. We heard Berri criticise him for the obstructions, when you and I both kmow very well the only reason that this scum attended the session is because he is the speaker otherwise would have gladly boycotted. Now it seems these boycotts have only harmed aoun with HA deciding to now attend when they could've before nominating aoun earlier,they are only insisting on aoun knowing this would further divide the Christians. Geagea and aoun together can either save the country or once again divide it and unless they both sit down and compromise, they threaten the very thing both campaign for.

Thumb general_puppet 16 May 2014, 09:08

“If any vacuum shall occur then the government could lead the country until an agreement is reached,”... that is Exactly what the militia wants.

“Aoun or nobody” is the slogan that Hizbullah adopted... this is miss print, the slogan is “Aoun is nobody” that is why they voted blanks.

“party supports Aoun for presidency unless he has changed his mind.” :-)))))))))

Thumb popeye 16 May 2014, 09:20

where have you been all this time?

Thumb general_puppet 16 May 2014, 09:56

Leb has been promoting bikinis in Iran... she is coming out with a new mini-bikini line, that she will dedicate to the defender of democracy Nasrallah.

Missing people-power 16 May 2014, 09:15

Al Akhbar proving that "the_bore" is an idiot and liar, who doesn't know what he is talking about.

Thumb general_puppet 16 May 2014, 09:23

people-power... you gave a bad spanking to "the_snore" a couple of days ago with your parody of his facts, we could not stop laughing. He should have changed his name to "The Mouse That Roared" after that.

Missing people-power 16 May 2014, 09:30

Thanks GP.... I was laughing at him too.

I'm still trying to figure out who is most idiotic of the 3 stooges: the_bore, lame-wolf or taqiya-thrower??? Maybe a 3-way tie.

Thumb general_puppet 16 May 2014, 09:50

I agree a 3 way tie in the Idiot race. But Mr Snore would win the World Pompous tittle & Mr FlimFlam would be crowned Drama Queen of Lebanon in non-secterion polls. But Wolfy would place last in show, at any reputable Kennel Club.

Thumb popeye 16 May 2014, 09:18

wolf, which name you prefer to post under: the_roar or .-wolf-.? I guess wolf is for mornings and roar for afternoons and all night every night.

Thumb popeye 16 May 2014, 09:19

nobody beats flamethrower NOBODY!

Thumb popeye 16 May 2014, 09:22

you live in australia too wolf?

Thumb general_puppet 16 May 2014, 09:27

Wolfy... are you implying that "the roar" is "----.....Flamethrower.....----"???

Thumb EagleDawn 16 May 2014, 09:57

I take it wolf does not speak or read arabic too, just like @the_roar:)

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 09:56

Very classy wolf and co. Very classy indeed. When one can not argue facts, then wonders of literacy and good manners start coming out. Can you at least objectively give me one reason why would your beloved HA not compete democratically in an election? Why would they not nominate, vote and wait like the good citizens they are for the results?

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 10:02

Wow, the things that are on your mind and coming out of your mouth ate shocking man.

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 10:04

Stop being using that defamatory vocabulary and answer the question objectively so we can up this conversation to a decent level

Thumb ex-fpm 16 May 2014, 10:05

This forum is crazy funny:)))

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 10:10

It is fascinating indeed

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 10:31

All I'm gonna say on your proposal is that as much as I would like it, the situation on the ground would not allow it, so we have to look for alternatives. In theory though, surprisingly and against my good judgement, yes, I agree with you that it would be the ideal solution in a country where nobody seems to have any respect for anyone other than the LAF. That being said, do you not think that the same issues will arise again on who should lead the army?

Missing beirutbastard00 16 May 2014, 11:05

The LAF is respected cause it always tries to stay neutral or "even". Once it gets involved in politics, all that will go out the window.

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 10:34

And furthermore, do you not think that this would put the army on a collision course with HA since the core belief and principle of the LAF is that it's the only constitutional armed force and the allowed armed force in the country?

Missing patriot10 16 May 2014, 10:43

Nasrallah dont even want to meet prominent christians from his own camp.
What a bunch of losers who still follows this dictator.
But then again. M8 dont have any moral or dignity!
Sign patriot10

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 10:53

Strangely wolf I agree with you on principle, we have to reclaim our independence, but I know that sadly this is not an option unless the army is willing to massacre tens of thousands, which would be what independence costs any entity that strives to be an independent country. Unless the army is willing to ban pulic show of faith, ban religious figures from the media, declare military rule for a few years, the solution would not work. Following this logic, how do you think HA would be respond to that? Do you think the army is capable to confront them without foreign help? Bringing us back to square one!!

Missing beirutbastard00 16 May 2014, 11:07

U speak as if we live in a vacuum, or u don't live in Lebanon. Besides the many factors u didn't mention, Lebanon has had enough "at all cost" speeches.

Missing beirutbastard00 16 May 2014, 11:12

Lol u don't live here :) ... More fighting is the last thing we need. Plz apply ur advice to the country u live in, here we've had enough of it. Nshallah we have a peaceful and prosperous summer, plz visit us sometime n ull understand y I say this.

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 11:15

So here we are, we agree on something. This is where we should start, a comprehensive conversation with no defamatory remarks. What do others think? would you support a military rule in Lebanon? Do you trust one person to lead the coup? does anyone have an intelligently put opinion on the matter?

Missing beirutbastard00 16 May 2014, 11:21

It's sounds like a perfect plan... What could go wrong?

Missing beirutbastard00 16 May 2014, 11:19

I love how it's so easy to wish war upon us without having to live through the consequences. Plz if u live in another country, and u claim to love Lebanon... Save some money, and come spend it here. We really could use the help. Otherwise, keep ur wishes to urself.

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 11:24

nobody is wishing war, what a nickname btw. Do you not think that the people would back the army and there might not be the feared bloodshed you want to avoid? Are you happy with the situation in lebanon for the last 30 years? Do you call that living? Whoever is abroad still has family in Lebanon, they have however seen how a citizen is supposed to treated in his own country. The fear my friend is that you are lead to believe that dying while alive is better than living while dying.

Missing beirutbastard00 16 May 2014, 11:31

Our army isn't strong enough to go inside villages without prior political consent. Our neighbors have agreed to not allow the army to be strong. Recently the army has done great things, but only after the politicians agreed, making the LAF a police force.

To answer the rest of ur questions... Ppl are tired here. We have the most beautiful country in the Middle East, we were suppose to be where Dubai is now. 30+yrs of wars and coups lead us here... I doubt the solution lies in more guns.

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 11:40

I'm saying less guns, not more guns, that is the whole point. The one and gun allowed is the LAF gun. As for political consent, when there is no one left to speak with other than the LAF, when there are no political figures allowed on the media, when they are banned from travelling and bound to their homes for the foreseeable future, then all "friendly & caring countries" will no choice but to direct their talks to the LAF. Political consent is given when there is politics, with the army in charge there is no politics, there are many tactics that the army can use to cleanse the towns without having to burn it in advance. I do not claim to know these tactics, I do not claim to believe this is a realistic option at the moment, I do however claim that we all have the right to express our opinions and converse decently.

Missing beirutbastard00 16 May 2014, 11:47

"I do not claim this to be a realistic option"... Ok, so ur debating for the sake of debating? In that case, forget the army, the ppl should rise, and each sect should kill its za3im and all it's religious figures...

Now, do u have any thoughts on a "realistic option"? Plz excuse me if I feel like calling for coup, which would leave thousands dead considering these politicians have their own forces, some stronger than the army, and not to mention what happens after regional players (Israel, Saudi, Iran, Syria) decide to take sides. Just my humble opinion.

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 11:55

Friend, It does not matter what we think or what we debate. Debating or conversing for the sake of it has much larger implications than you think. The mere scenario that was just played in front of your eyes, where myself and wolf conversed, although we most certainly are not of similar views, just ended in a civilized and non-hostile manner. When I first came on this forum I asked everyone why were they so aggressive and indecent in their conversations about the presidential elections, and I begged one person to intelligently answer me what they think a president could do, and the whole point of that was to just start people talking about what really matters, them, not their leaders. At this moment of time my friend, Lebanese people are nothing but bridges on which politicians step to get to where they want. When you start talking to eachother decently and become one bridge, then politicians will have no choice but to take the one bridge remaining

Missing beirutbastard00 16 May 2014, 12:16

In that sense I agree with u. It would just b nice to see someone debating a peaceful solution with the same passion. More violence is def not the answer.

Missing beirutbastard00 16 May 2014, 11:25

So back to reality... They'll agree on someone, and saad will come back. With the Saudi travel ban lifted, nshallah it's a good summer, and some of the posters on this site can finally come and see for themselves.

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 11:27

I think before it is too late the army should take it upon itself to safeguard the mere existence of Lebanon by shutting the borders with Syria. We have done our part, we have given refuge to much more than we can handle, we doom any new refugees to death since we will not be able to feed them or look after them, it is time for the other hypocritical lying arab countries to take some of the burden.

Missing beirutbastard00 16 May 2014, 11:33

They should first set up camps INSIDE Syria.

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 11:48

Thank you wolf, I hope you keep that in mind when we have different opinions on other matters. Until then, I appreciate your comment and I thank you for the benefit of the doubt.

Missing beirutbastard00 16 May 2014, 11:51

Lol tab I call on the aliens to take over Lebanon! Anyone standing in their way shall be zapped with lasers! Only then will we know peace! Long live the UFO's!

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 11:59

Why on earth would aliens want to take over Lebanon man! What is that you find would be so appealing for aliens to come all the way from their galaxy to settle here. Anyway, there are enough aliens on our land, we don't need more :)

Missing beirutbastard00 16 May 2014, 12:13

Have u seen our women?! ;)

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 12:19

I have, and I agree, and so does Clooney!!

Thumb -phoenix1 16 May 2014, 13:05

Sayed Hassan has now confirmed what we all know: that clowns stand a chance to become president. But in this case, this Lebanese generalissimo of a clown is heading to one place, and soon, Deyr El Salib, because they'll wake him up one night and tell him that the Lebanese got themselves someone other than him. All the tranquilizers that they are administering Aoun will stop working. Sayed Hassan, please, book your friend a room in Deyr El Salib, make it two please because you too could need it. Euft wloh...

Missing peace 16 May 2014, 13:07

why not? we already had lahoud the syrian puppet, why not the hezbi puppet now! LOL
he will follow orders like a brave coward he is!

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 13:12

Everybody is somebody's, the question is which backer has less interest in finishing off Lebanon

Thumb FlameCatcher 16 May 2014, 13:18

Thank you for clarifying that Hezbollah is in fact BlackMailing all lebanese and forcing a candidate no one other than sheep supports !

Hell, Aoun is not even a candidate himself so what's the point ?

Hezbollah's only objective is to paralyse the country so it can go on with its ILLEGAL war games and hold until Bashar is "Secure".

Hassan Nasrallah, you are a traitor and you will be hanged ! You will be hanged by your own people when they wake up. Your lies and corruption will blow up in your face and you will be exposed for what you really are ! A lying criminal terrorist rat & a traitor !

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 13:23

Who is he betraying FC? He never denied that his allegiance lies with Iran, so effectively he is a hero to his sworn masters. He is not the problem. The problem is that Lebanese don't seem to be able to decide for themselves or there's something blinding them from analysing facts for themselves, we , the people, have been backing and electing the same bunch of crooks, we have to stop this blame game at some stage, and start looking at ourselves in the mirror

Missing politik_buro 16 May 2014, 17:47

Why is M8 not nominating a candidate and going to parliament and voting for him?

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 16 May 2014, 18:35

I remember three years ago when headlines read "Karame Remains Hizbullah's Sole Prime Ministerial Candidate". Then Nasrallah met old Omar in person thought to himself this dude won't last 6 months and picked Mikati instead. Aoun makes Karame look like a prepubescent pimpled teen.