Berri Calls on Parliament to Convene on June 9 to Elect President

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Speaker Nabih Berri set June 9 as a new session to elect a president, reported the National News Agency on Monday.

This will mark the sixth presidential elections session.

Four of the past five sessions failed to be held due to a lack of quorum at parliament given the March 8 alliance's boycott of the meeting due to the ongoing dispute with the March 14 camp over the elections.

“I will call for a parliamentary session on the first day of vacuum if there is a vacancy in the president's post,” Berri told lawmakers at the start of the last session that was held on Thursday.

“There is no need to specify certain dates for sessions because I am ready to invite MPs whenever I see that there would be quorum,” he said.

President Michel Suleiman's term ended over the weekend after six years in office.



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Thumb Machia 26 May 2014, 12:04

Time to cut the ties with Hezb Iran and divide the country. And I don't mean confederalism or federalism or some sort of union. No I mean let's create a new country without the South, Baalbek, Hermel, Dahie, etc.
We don't need those crazy bearded fundamentalist fascists or their lying, cheating, thieving, batiniya crowd.
I mean their moto is it is ok to kill, cheat, lie and steal from a non-believer (Christian, Jewish, Muslim Sunni, Druze, etc.) and this is what they do day in day out in Lebanon, Africa, Iran and Iraq.
In Bahrain the King gave them money and power and they turned against him. They can't do an honest day's work.
Who wants to live with this kind of neighbour?
We don't want another president that compromises and that doesn't have any power. We need to cut the sickness and move on.

Thumb Machia 26 May 2014, 14:49

never mentioned West Beirut, Saida or Tripoli. I just mentioned parts where the Islamic Republic of Lebanon has already been proclaimed.

Default-user-icon Bla (Guest) 26 May 2014, 22:06

We Christians do not want to live with those murders that killed, raped and destroyed lebanon during the civil war, like Palestinians and all those that supported them during the civil war, like those that collaborated with the Syrians in the 70, ie Sunnis or Druze fir exemple if we pursuie your logic as well

You are opening a dangerous game that is disintegrating lebanon instead of seeking common denominators to unite us

Thumb Machia 26 May 2014, 12:11

Let them have their Hezbolistan and let them elect Aoun/Lahoud/Qanso/Berri/ as their president. Let them live on subsidies from Iran and let them be corrupt. Let them resist. Steal their own electricity. Trade their own hashish, cocaine and heroin.
Let them wear their chadors, ban music and alcohol. Let them have their own port and airport and not pay customs. Let them have their own billionaires who went to rape and steal from Africans. Let them do whatever they want away from the rest of the hard working people.

Thumb kris 26 May 2014, 14:43


Thumb geha 26 May 2014, 15:21

hizbushaitan are pushing towards that: they want to partition Syria and Lebanon.
their canton would be a combination of part of Syria and part of Lebanon.

these terrorist aided by aoun are creating the scene for declaring partition.

Thumb cedre 26 May 2014, 16:00

what part of it dont u understand ? U wont even have a christian canton in jbeil or keserwan...

Thumb geha 26 May 2014, 17:30

hizbushaitan tried to create sunni radical groups to justify their existence and what they are doing.

do we fall into their trap?

do not radicalize yourself if you want to win this war.

Thumb cedre 26 May 2014, 18:55

i'm not radicalized, westernized, easternized...
Sunnis unlike christians are not divided in their opposition to Iran, Syria and their hizb. Up to christians and druze to show us where they stand in this struggle...

Default-user-icon Woody (Guest) 26 May 2014, 22:10

Why don't let Lebanese folks vote for they're president and send the deputies Home?