What Qualities Describe a Good Professor?


We have all been there; stuck with a professor we dislike, that doesn't teach properly, or tests us on material he hasn't properly explained in class. Then we fail the course and get behind. But we have also been stuck with a professor we love; one who is charismatic, challenging, and delivers the message to us. A good professor is one that treats each student as a person, not just another number; who does not only know his material well, but knows how to teach it; who understand students’ needs, and satisfies them. Most importantly, a good professor is a reflection of his students, and their success.

So what makes a good professor?

1. Goes beyond the call of duty:

A student in need can access him during office hours, and virtually if not found in the office. He is open and fair, giving each student the same treatment, no preferences.

2. Resourceful:

He is filled with knowledge and is an inspiration to his students, and he delivers grades sooner rather than later.

3. Knows his material:

He can answer any question a student may ask, and is extremely passionate about the material and teaching it to his students. Also, he is confident, not afraid of making mistakes and admits to them, and most importantly communicates properly.

4. Teaches the material well:

Qualities such as; Interactive, charismatic, organized, challenging, alive, motivating, innovative, and encouraging are a must.

5. Understands the students:

He is a listener; students feel safe when coming to him with problems. Also, he gets to know his students, is highly interested in each individual, and always keeps a friendly relationship with his students.

6. Respects his students:

Allows everyone to speak their mind and share their opinions. This way, students learn how to express their feelings along with how to respect and listen to others.

7. Sets high expectations for all students:

He is aware that once students see that others believe in them, they will challenge themselves further and aim for greatness.

8. Is creative:

If he sees the students aren't attentive, he finds a way to change the atmosphere and makes sure they leave the classroom having learned something.

9. Is professional:

From personal appearance to organized skills and being ready for each day.

It is the most wonderful feeling when a professor makes students feel that they have high and realistic expectations for their success. This gives students the confidence and the motivation to work hard and achieve their goals. Students need to practice what they have learned, they must fail in order to succeed, and a good professor is one who is here the whole time, because if a student fails, it only means that the professor has failed as well.

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