Saudi Asks Security Council to Put Hizbullah on Terror List

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday asked the U.N. Security Council to put Hizbullah on its list of "terrorist organizations," although the Lebanese group was not included in the terror blacklist recently issued by the kingdom.

"We call on the council to place Hizbullah on the list of terrorist organizations," Saudi envoy to the Security Council Abdullah al-Muallemi said.

The list issued by Riyadh on March 7 had mentioned the Islamic State group, Yemen's Huthi rebels, Syria's al-Nusra Front and pro-Iran Saudi Hezbollah, which is not affiliated with the Lebanese group.

Muallemi stressed that his country is committed to "international cooperation aimed at eradicating terrorism," noting that "Saudi Arabia was one of the first countries that confronted terror."

"The threat of foreign fighters in Syria is not limited to the country in which they are carrying out their acts, as it rather transcends the borders to reach the entire world," Muallemi added.


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Default-user-icon Mazen (Guest) 20 November 2014, 00:14

The pot calling the kettle black.

Thumb freedomarch 20 November 2014, 02:14

Thanks KSA...

Thumb freedomarch 20 November 2014, 02:16

How can they call them "Lebanese Group"if their funding and everything they do is from and for the Islamic Republic of Iran and their REv, Guards?

Missing greatpierro 20 November 2014, 02:35

thank you ksa

Missing cedars 20 November 2014, 06:31

Expect a message from Iran executed by hizbollah in Lebanon against ska interests.

Missing cedars 20 November 2014, 06:32


Thumb habib 20 November 2014, 07:34

Lah lah lah ya ksa mabisir haydoli lmokawami kif hal7aki 3an tettehmowon bel erhab lasama7a shaytan bi an yakono erhabiyin bal aksara wal erhabiyin yasta7on men anfosihem 3endama yarawna hezbel erhab allazi yosamma bel mokawama erhabihi yyada3annaro2sahom fillardi mokhjalona li anna khasiro almarkaz all aawwall ya arhaba nass waya akhbasohom kafakom katlan li la7rar ya mojrimin

Default-user-icon Sebouh80 (Guest) 20 November 2014, 09:58

Guys, I'm not in any way defending Hezbollah, but what about the Wahhabi ideology is it not the source of all the troubles that we are all seeing in the region.

Moreover, as we can ISIS and Al Nusra, and the rest of the radical Islamic groups were all initially influenced by these teachings.

Default-user-icon _Che (Guest) 20 November 2014, 12:38

Influence and funded by KSA

Thumb megahabib 20 November 2014, 11:03

Saudi is the mother of terrorism.

Thumb freedomarch 20 November 2014, 16:56

iranian ayatollah and his, state of the art system, never do any harm to it's people. NEVER exported any rev guards, never took any arabic territory, never send their hizEbola t I fight their wars, never harbored terrorists never interfered in other countries against their governments.