Drugs Cause Death of Two People in Nahr Ibrahim

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A young man and woman were found dead on Sunday due to a drug overdose at a chalet north of Beirut.

According to the National News Agency, the bodies of a man in his thirties named Ali S. and a woman in her twenties named Vivian S. S., who holds a Brazilian passport, were discovered in a chalet in Nahr Ibrahim on the road of Kartaba.

The security forces and forensic expert Nader al-Haj inspected their bodies, revealing they died of a drug overdose.

An ambulance from the Civil Defense Department in Jbeil transported the bodies to a hospital in the region after the completion of investigations by the security forces.


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Thumb lebanon_first 30 November 2014, 20:59

poor souls. RIP

Thumb wassupmanigga 01 December 2014, 00:27

rip viv, gone too soon

Default-user-icon Mohamad (Guest) 01 December 2014, 00:31

A good houthi is a dead houthi.

Thumb Maxx 01 December 2014, 18:58

Two young lives wasted. Sad.

Default-user-icon Layuska (Guest) 07 December 2014, 23:20

It was a lie from the dr. He got paid for them to keep the challet from having problems, it was actually a gas leek!