Geagea Vows not to Give up on Dialogue with Aoun

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea has said that he “intended” to meet with his rival Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun, vowing not to give up on the talks easily.

“There is no set date but the intention is there,” Geagea told al-Akhbar newspaper in an interview published on Monday.

“The LF has a decision to continue with dialogue on all issues even if we did not reach any result. Dialogue between us will include all issues and is not limited to the presidency,” he said.

Geagea stressed that he could agree with Aoun on several issues even if they failed to strike a deal on the presidential deadlock.

The country's top Christian post at the Baabda Palace has been vacant since President Michel Suleiman's term ended in May.

Both Aoun and Geagea have announced their candidacies for the presidency. Their rivalry and the failure of the different parties to agree on a compromise candidate caused the vacuum at the presidential palace.

Geagea stressed that the LF insists on dialogue despite Aoun's announcement in an interview with al-Akhbar last week that he was holding onto his candidacy.

“I am a candidate and I will not vote for anyone or give up (my candidacy) for anyone,” said Aoun.

But the LF chief stressed that the lawmaker “will no longer hold onto his candidacy when he realizes that this will lead nowhere.”

“That's why we will give dialogue its time and we will not give up easily,” Geagea said.

He added that the presidential post should not remain vacant if Aoun did not hold a chance to be elected.

Geagea told his interviewer in response to a question that the MPs failing to head to parliament to elect a new president are responsible for the vacuum.

“The parliamentary blocs that are causing lack of quorum are responsible for” the deadlock, he said in reference to Aoun's Change and Reform bloc, Hizbullah MPs and several other lawmakers from the March 8 alliance.

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Missing humble 22 December 2014, 09:49

Title of a new bestseller : "How to dialogue with a madman".

Thumb ex-fpm 22 December 2014, 10:17

Aoun is implementing a foreign agenda and as such he does not have control over his decisions. In essence, yes it is a useless dialogue.

Missing humble 22 December 2014, 10:27

CAPORAL = the enemy from within.

Thumb Mystic 22 December 2014, 12:42

Best title: "Downfall of Samir Geagea".

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 22 December 2014, 12:57

let them meet in bkerki and let the meeting be televised so people will know what going on and who will make decisions without making a phone call and who will lie later if any agreement is reached
god bless democracy

Missing bachirismyhero 22 December 2014, 13:54

Mystic... You wish, because Dr. Geagea is your masters worst nightmare!
Go crawl in a rat whole with the rest of you Iranian agenda traitor freinds. People like you are not aloud to talk about Heros such as Hakim. Your not worth the dust on his shoes! So shut it.

Thumb Mystic 22 December 2014, 14:03

Your massmurdering "hero" is nothing else but a weak soul with no leverage any longer. Nightmare no, he has become Lebanon's 2# best official joker, following Rifi's 1#

Default-user-icon Jaafar ibn iblees (Guest) 22 December 2014, 15:01

is that a jihadist terrorist in your avatar?

Thumb -phoenix1 22 December 2014, 20:10

Leyk yaaa 7akim, many years ago, I stood there in Majlees 7arbi and told you NOT to give madman Aoun even one single riffle, not even a bullet and what did you say ya Geagea? Il General bi moun. Bi moun 3ala shou ya 7akim, 3ala shou ya Hakim? You gave him guns and he used them against us, destroyed the last chance we had to make Lebanon a free country. You haven't learned yet? Saad Hariri too doesn't seem to learn either, why?!! You want to keep talking with a man that is one of the world's worst crooks? Aoun is mad, has only one dream, the SEAT. If you died whilst in prison, he would have partied for a whole year, now you want to talk to this clown? Geagea, you are wasting your time and ours too sadly.

Thumb Lebfrcan 22 December 2014, 22:10

Phoenix, nothing gets done by each side camping on their side.
I am with dialogue, even with Aoun. Too much time passed by, a solution is needed.
That does not mean to cave in to his demands.
The further M14 blames Aoun / Hizballah, the further they will remain rigid.

Thumb -phoenix1 23 December 2014, 12:14

@lebfrcan greetings to you, and thank you for a very constructive contribution. With all respects to you and if my judgment is right, I believe you are new to this forum. If I am not wrong, and the only reason for bringing it up is because I have always promoted reason, moderation and dialog. If today I seem to be taking a hard line view of Aoun, that's because there's not been once when we spoke to this man and he didn't pull the rug from under our feet. Of course, I am referring to us as in the LF. Take my in good faith dear friend when I say I support your view, I am for dialog but to be candid, with Aoun I have my reticent doubts. Anyway, at least Geagea is doing the good work, so in case anyone wants to blame him later on for not keeping the bridges open, then everyone can stand witness to the fact that Geagea was always willing to work for solutions, unlike this old mad man. I've always called him, Le Fou furieux.

Thumb nickjames 22 December 2014, 22:27

Talking with a senile lunatic is pointless. Geagea is wasting his time.

Default-user-icon PEACE (Guest) 23 December 2014, 07:09

Whether you like him or not mr Geagea shows that he cares about Lebanon while Aoun cares about himself only.
The real baby mother spares his life at any cost
The false mother refuses to lose even at the cost of the baby death
However dialogue with AOUN is similar to negotiating with IS ( USELESS)