Lebanon Receives New Shipment of U.S. Arms

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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The United States delivered on Sunday a shipment of military vehicles, weapons and ammunition to Lebanon as of Washington's pledge to aid the Lebanese military in its combat against terrorists.

The state-run National News Agency reported that the shipment was handed at Beirut's port in the presence of U.S. and Lebanese officials.

The Lebanese army was handed 70 M198 howitzer, which a medium-sized, towed artillery piece, developed for service with the United States Army and Marine Corps. In addition to 26 million rounds of ammunition included small, medium and heavy artillery rounds.

In a statement, the U.S. embassy said the aid is worth $25 million.

"Support for the (Lebanese military) remains a top priority for the United States. Recent attacks against Lebanon's army only strengthen America's resolve to stand in solidarity with the people of Lebanon to confront these threats," said the embassy.

It added: "The United States is providing top of the line weapons to the (Lebanese army) to help Lebanon's brave soldiers in their confrontation with the terrorists."

The last shipment of ammunition as part of the U.S. military assistance program was on January 27.

Another three arms shipments were delivered on August 29, September 6 and 26.

The arms deliveries come as several allies of Lebanon step up efforts to bolster its armed forces as the threat from jihadists in the region grows.

In 2014, Lebanon was the fifth largest recipient of U.S. foreign military aid, the embassy said.

"In 2014 alone, the United States provided over $100 million to the (Lebanese military), adding to the $1 billion in assistance provided... since 2006," said the statement.

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Default-user-icon Phil (Guest) 08 February 2015, 12:50

God bless America.

Missing thech 09 February 2015, 13:05

yes, god bless the biggest sociopaths in human history.

Thumb freedomarch 10 February 2015, 02:04

God bless the USA, Lebanon and all the people that want to help the Lebanese Army.

Thumb EagleDawn 08 February 2015, 12:51

gotta laugh at this one!!! the incredible credible flamethrower arguing and defaming @anonytexusa who mentioned this news last week. hahahaha!

Thumb EagleDawn 08 February 2015, 13:15

but why the retarded nervous laugh, flamethrower?

Default-user-icon speakteezly (Guest) 08 February 2015, 13:01

excellent point you make there @speakfreely!

Thumb marcus 08 February 2015, 13:03

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius informed Prime Minister Tammam Salam on Sunday that the first shipment of French weapons, part of a $3 billion Saudi deal, is expected to arrive in Lebanon in April.

Default-user-icon Cristina Metron (Guest) 08 February 2015, 13:07

Arab is not a country, Arab is not a citizenship, Arab is not a passport, this fake call is Islamic jihad to destroy Israel and the west, Iran, Hezboshaitan and Syrian regime can't have the job done in Syria and took them too long without the help of the west. US is the world's best in military and everything you asked for especially the US dollar, the best secure place to invest and do business with, the rest of the world are very risky, the Middle East ethnic hate culture and political terrorism is a real major problem, Europe is loaded with other issues.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 09 February 2015, 03:10

Cristina - one word: nuts

Thumb Mystic 08 February 2015, 13:21

Where are the F-16 jets? Where are the drones, where are the battle tanks, where are the real means to combat terrorism? Why is the U.S only happy to send the LAF garbage from their landfills? Metal junk 50 years old.

Iran would be happy to provide all the real means to combat takfirism, but ofcourse the West and M14 will never accept that.

Thumb Mystic 08 February 2015, 13:23

I can answer why the U.S are reluctant to send real weaponry, because they are afraid the LAF will use them to combat Israel, and they recognize the LAF cooperation with the Resistance.

Default-user-icon the_roar.wiz.wingz (Guest) 08 February 2015, 13:28

when will you post under the_roar or fulldisclosure?

Thumb -phoenix1 08 February 2015, 16:27

Ohhh, not this rant again. Like it or not, the LAF is getting stronger and this shipment goes further to prove it, stronger army, weaker militias.

Thumb Mystic 08 February 2015, 14:01

Lift the arms embargo from Iran, let them arm & train the LAF as the Resistance, and we will see a strong LAF able to combat Israel, and takfiris anytime anywhere. Real weapons would arrive from Iran.

How come only Jordan, Saudi arabia and such countries gets all the good packages, while the LAF recieves junk?

Thumb Mystic 08 February 2015, 14:02

Unguided artillery pieces, very nice texas. ISIS and Nusra will laugh when they find out what junk the U.S gave the LAF.

Thumb Mystic 08 February 2015, 14:13

texasusa, wants the LAF to recieve leftovers from the U.S army landfills forever. Effectively downgrading the LAF defence capabilities, in favor of Israel.

Thumb kanaanljdid 08 February 2015, 14:23

Iran is not interested in providing aircrafts because thess are harder to hide from the State of Lebanon. That's why Hizbullah has plenty of missiles and is striving to get chemical weapons: these are means you can hide from the eyes of the State of Lebanon, but you can't hide aircrafts.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 February 2015, 16:57

FT, you used the word smuggling, I used the word concealed, now you see the difference? Then I simply cannot understand why you're so angry, so upset, you're literally gone wild ya FT. You've been calling almost anyone who opposes your views by some uncouth words, why? You can make your point, any point without having to be so abrasive, simple my bro.

Thumb justin 08 February 2015, 17:11

@phoenix: I agree with you. It is a bit much and he thinks he has a free ticket to insult everybody.

Thumb kanaanljdid 08 February 2015, 14:26

And moreover Iran don't want the Lebanese army to be able to rival its proxy militia, so as long as there is Hizbullah, the Lebanese army will have less better weapons that the Iranian agents.

Thumb Mystic 08 February 2015, 14:42

Wrong, if that was the case we would see massive desertion within the army units. The LAF does not want to remove the Resistance, because they know without the Resistance the LAF positions will be overrun.

On the contrary the LAF are happy to cooperate with the Resistance, to hold back the takfiris. They will also support the Resistance when Israel invades again, you can be sure of that.

Default-user-icon Jaafar Ibn Iblees (Guest) 08 February 2015, 16:44

Is that a martyred shia jihadi family in your avatar?

Thumb Mystic 08 February 2015, 14:27

texas, Lebanese army soldiers are getting wasted all the time! All the Lebanese people should be hysterical and push for further upgrading, not just accept scrap metal like it was gold, as you do.

I have friends, and family members in the army I want them to fight the takfiris with real weapons instead of this junk.

Thumb ex-fpm 08 February 2015, 14:31

The 'honorable' resistance should give its weapons to the LAF and make short of this argument.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 February 2015, 16:28

Mystic, as if Iran is waiting the lifting of the embargo, which embargo? Has Iran been prevented from supplying Hezbollah with weapons? How come?

Thumb -phoenix1 08 February 2015, 16:33

Mystic, your reaction and that of the HA led M8 coalition was expected. You guys make it sound as if this world was one made for nerds, so what do you want the army to do, to show those weapons that should not be shown? OK, it's showing big guns, but the army reserves the right to show or NOT to show whatever it judges sensitive. Have we ever seen the weapons Hezbollah receives and why does HA not show us what it receives? The army is a lot smarter than everyone seems to know, their advanced weaponry remain concealed in containers and go straight to the army's designated storage facilities. Now if you please ya khaye Mystic, you and the side you stand with, stop being so malicious, your malaise is getting difficult for you to hide, stronger army equates to weaker militias, simple.

Thumb EagleDawn 08 February 2015, 16:57

so what the incredible credible flamethrower is saying Lebanon is in clear violation of the 1701 which prohibited the arming and supply of weapons to HA/militia. Then, he cries wolf Israel is violating 1701.

Thumb justin 08 February 2015, 17:09

great point you make to silence this horrid mouthpiece who cannot but insult everybody on this forum.

Thumb nickjames 08 February 2015, 17:35

All of you arguing in this chain are wrong. I'm not even gonna comment on Mystic because he's so delusional and obsessed with the word resistance. We need an ARMY, not a terrorist "resistance." Texas and ex-fpm, the LAF does not want Hezbollah's rockets, and even if they did Hezbollah will never hand them over. These rockets are not used by conventional armies today. You guys can't be that naive to think Hezbollah will hand over their weapons, join the LAF and sing kumbaya. How is that even plausible? Hezbollah fighters are radical militants, they are not soldiers.

Missing peace 08 February 2015, 17:57

"smuggling to a militia is possible, smuggling to a government is not, my dear phoenix."
says the idiot...

but what is even better is that a militia obeys the STATE and give its weapons to it! LOL
but of course M8ers will never accept to streghten the state and the army... bad for their militia!

Thumb Nade 08 February 2015, 13:36

please be realistic with your bullshits. the M198 are not from the Junkyard and the Humvee are not from Landfills. It seems to me That Mystic is a typical Lebanese which always want more and never appreciate what given. Waite and see what those M198 are they going to do up the the Arrsal's mountains.

Thumb Mystic 08 February 2015, 14:06

nade, humvees are you kidding me? Humvees and those rusty M113's any anti tank rockets will burst through them like nothing, even a RPG could.

Thumb Mystic 08 February 2015, 14:08

Why not M1 Abrams tanks? Egypt have those, Jordan have those, Saudis got them, but not Lebanon ofcourse, would be too bad for the U.S and Israel.

Default-user-icon Jaafar Ibn Iblees (Guest) 08 February 2015, 14:32

Is that a martyred khomeini jihadi terrorist family in your avatar?

Thumb Mystic 08 February 2015, 14:43

Iran does not have F-16 jets texas, sorry to burst your bubble.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 February 2015, 16:38

NADE, the Hezbollah led M8 coalition have no interest in seeing the Lebanese army become stronger, in their minds it means one thing, a stronger LAF translates into weaker militias, one of them being that militia they still wish to refer as a resistance. Then for the like of the FPM supporters, or what remains of them, a weaker Hezbollah means a weaker backing for their party or the party of brainwashed slaves. It matters not to see a stronger army, they just want their selfish interests to remain above everything, that's all. Iran for them is used as an argument added value point and nothing more. Times are changing and they don't like it one bit.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 February 2015, 17:00

3an jad ya FT, I wasn't expecting of you to go so low. Anyway, I've been trying to advice out out of this predicament, you know better.

Missing Je_suis@libonase 08 February 2015, 13:48

I don't care who or what gives us weapons we are in no position to pick or choose so everyone just stop and think about who we are as a nation. We have what around 15 million lebanese scattered around the world yet we rely on hand outs to keep our armed forces with weapons and ammunition , we lebanese are our own worst enemy everybody is shia this sunni that christian this druze that who cares aren't lebanese to start with or not?

Thumb Mystic 08 February 2015, 14:12

We are in a position to pick, if M14 and USA didn't block real arms shipments, then the LAF would be much more powerful, but ofcourse we have texas, and the M14 happy to recieve leftovers from U.S army landfills.

U.S.A divide and conquer tactics, works perfectly on Lebanon, in order to guard Israel.

Missing Je_suis@libonase 08 February 2015, 14:28

Flamethrower i wasn't focusing much about the amount of population as much as to state how divided we are as a people i have friends pretty much from every sect and we agree on the one thing that we are lebanese first and foremost but our political leaders like to play the sectarian game when it suits them.

Thumb EagleDawn 08 February 2015, 16:04

i cant believe you care about the voting!!!

Thumb kanaanljdid 08 February 2015, 14:20

Probably because they are Arabs

Missing Je_suis@libonase 08 February 2015, 14:22

We all know the jewish lobbyist control the US government so we should expect anything serious in weaponry if anything their weapons probably have gps units attached in case it moves south then the israelis could track and destroy it. Just wondering if any of the french supplied weaponry is the same, most likely .

Missing Je_suis@libonase 08 February 2015, 14:39

I take it you are american or support american ideals right if so go to hell .

Thumb eli-g 08 February 2015, 14:36

thank you USA

Thumb -phoenix1 08 February 2015, 16:42

Me too, shoukran America.

Thumb freedomarch 08 February 2015, 17:12

Thanks America.

Thumb shab 08 February 2015, 19:38

Thanks US

Missing Je_suis@libonase 08 February 2015, 14:53

Its only an insult if it is true but Please show me where there is mention of russian weaponry and if so what you think the russians aren't the same they all support israel as much as each other please tell me which one of them comes to lebanons aid when we get attached like i said we can not pick or choose who supplies we only take what is given . I would love it if one of them supplied surface to air missiles but thats wishful thinking .

Thumb EagleDawn 08 February 2015, 16:09

The incredible credible flamethrower once said :

I respect many differing opinions and you know it. "

and this "respect" is clearly demonstrated in each and every one of his legendary posts.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 February 2015, 16:41

FT, you can make your point without resorting to name calling, quite frankly there's no need for this.

Thumb nickjames 08 February 2015, 19:05

Texas, even in the 90s, the Lebanese government had no authority over Hezbollah because Syria wanted it that way. Syria made Hezbollah became an ally so they would have a powerful proxy should they be be forced to end their occupation one day (as happened in 2005). "The resistance" was always a political cover from its inception. In 1982 it claimed to be resisting only Israel, yet it aimed to create an Islamic state in Lebanon. When Syria left in 2005, Hezbollah replaced them and has taken over the government through intimidation and weapons (7 Ayyar). Now in 2015, Hezbollah claims to be resisting takfiri, while they fight in places as far is Halab and even Iraq, but aren't even defending the Lebanese borders.

Their reasons will always be mere pretexts, Texas.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 February 2015, 16:44

They're coming FT, they're coming, just a bit of patience, but this port will see them land. Today this current scene wasn't much hoped for, yet it's happening, the Saudi grant is going thru and the weapons are coming.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 February 2015, 16:45

Please read Marcus' reply in this thread and the other thread where the French confirms it.

Thumb freedomarch 08 February 2015, 16:55

Yeah Right.

Default-user-icon 1452 km2 (Guest) 08 February 2015, 17:48

Why do supporters of the sectarian Iranian islamic mercerizes in lebanon hate it when the Lebanese army gets arms?

Default-user-icon LebaneseUnited (Guest) 08 February 2015, 19:28

Conclusion: Lebanese should be proud of their origine and their country, work together to help each other inside and outside to keep a bright future for our next generations

Default-user-icon never assume (Guest) 08 February 2015, 23:31

how do you know why it was deleted

Missing allouchi 09 February 2015, 16:03

May God protect and bless the USA and Lebanon.