Bank Audi Slams Reports on Money Laundering

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Bank Audi Raymond Audi strongly slammed media reports claiming that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is using the bank's branches abroad to channel funds in favor of the organization.

“Reports published in al-Akhbar daily on Thursday and attributed to American and Lebanese banking sources involved in a meeting between U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorist Financing Daniel Glaser and the Board of Directors of the Association of Banks in Lebanon, are completely unfounded,” said Audi in a clarification letter to al-Akhbar newspaper.

“The reports are baseless particularly the allegations related to Bank Audi in Turkey which was not mentioned in the said meeting at all. The Turkish authorities have not asked the bank for any special procedure in relation to fighting money laundry or financing terrorism because our bank is committed to international and local laws applicable in this regard,” added Audi.

Al-Akhbar daily published on Thursday a report claiming that the branches of the Lebanese banks abroad, in particular Bank Audi SAL–Audi Saradar Group, are reportedly being used by the ISIL to fund the organization.

“Bank Audi and all its subsidiaries in Lebanon and other countries are committed to the bank standards, and fully complies with international regulations and local laws applicable in each country of the diaspora,” added Audi in his statement.

“Fighting money laundering and financing terrorism is an integral part of the bank's policy in Lebanon and abroad where our bank is subject to the control of the central banks and the concerned regulatory bodies,” the statement concluded.



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Missing aounophobia 03 April 2015, 10:03

alakhbar is a newspaper with ZERO credibility writing baseless harmful articles with a hidden agenda behind it.

bank audi should have refused a loan to a hezbo guy and hence becomes a great evil !!!

Thumb freedomarch 03 April 2015, 13:39

If Alakhbar is the Face of M8 what the real deep essence and content would be? This is criminal beyond questions anf plays into people's daily bread.

Thumb freedomarch 03 April 2015, 14:19

An invaluable crap by a valued bla blaber, Friday CLAIMER, The dangerous and hateful words against. SENIORA, SAUDI, UAE, Mustaqbal are very clear here. AS lebanese we are entitled to all religious holiday s except idiots and hateful people who careless about Christ teaching or any religion to begin with.

Default-user-icon Tigger (Guest) 03 April 2015, 14:54

What a loser. Or are you trying to be funny? If you really worked in the Gulf, then u would know every Friday is a holiday in Gulf countries . So what r u ranting about? Yeah go look up what ' ranting' means. Stirring sectarian BS exposes how u have nothing else to do. Thank the Gulf countries for giving u and many others a job and all they ask for is to respect their laws. The Vatican is an independent country too. I don't see any of those posting here complaining about how non Christians,if any, feel about their holidays. And yes I am of Lebanese origin and a proud Christian. Suddenly the word Houthi is the trend. You are so uneducated and a biggot, it's not even worth my time.