Asiri: Yemen is Not Any of Hizbullah's Concern

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awadh Asiri emphasized his right to defend his country in the wake of the criticism against it over its military operation against Huthi rebels, especially by Hizbullah, reported As Safir newspaper on Wednesday.

He told the daily: “I have the right to respond to issues that concern my country and leadership, especially when these remarks exceed reason.”

“I do not believe that Yemen is any of Hizbullah's concern,” he added.

“Hizbullah is located in its own country, not in Yemen,” the ambassador said.

“I believe that its intervention in Yemen, as demonstrated by the media and its support for the Huthis, is unacceptable,” Asiri remarked.

Asked whether the war in Yemen has harmed efforts of rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, he replied: “As a diplomat, I hope they enjoy good diplomatic ties based on respect and refraining from meddling in Saudi, Yemeni, and Gulf affairs.”

“The blatant Iranian meddling in a country that neighbors Saudi Arabia is unacceptable,” he stressed.

“Iran has since 1979 been exporting its Islamic revolution through various means. Is that what it seeks in Yemen?” wondered Asiri.

“We will not allow it. We will not allow the emergence of a faction that is hostile to us, located on our border, and supported by a country that has nothing to do with Yemen,” he noted.

Addressing his objection to Tele Liban's broadcast of an interview with Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during which he caustically criticized the kingdom, Asiri said: “I respect Tele Liban as a government station.”

“I have not objection to Hizbullah addressing the Lebanese people or Israel or whoever he likes. But it is unacceptable that he employ an official station to deliver negative messages and target the kingdom's leadership,” he explained.

Saudi Arabia launched airstrikes in Yemen on March 25, announcing that it had put together a coalition of more than 10 countries, including five Gulf monarchies, for the military operation to defend Yemeni President Abedrabbo Mansur Hadi's government against Huthi rebels.

It said that it will continue its operation Decisive Storm until Hadi is restored to power and the rebels, backed by Iran, are defeated.

The military move against the Shiite Huthi rebels triggered fury from Saudi Arabia's regional rival Iran, Hizbullah's main regional ally, with officials in Tehran warning that the military action threatened to spill over into other countries.

Nasrallah had slammed during his past two appearances the kingdom's offensive, launching a scathing attack against it and saying that it will suffer a “major defeat.”

Media reports had recently said that Hizbullah had sent fighters to Yemen to support the Huthis.



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Thumb Mystic 15 April 2015, 08:21

Is it Saudis concern or right to invade and mass bomb a sovereign nation without an U.N mandate?

Missing 15 April 2015, 08:48

They were asked to intervene by the legitimate president of the country.

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 April 2015, 12:11

lol saudi wahhabia thinks they own yemen, like it's their backyard and they can name the rulers like they wish. think again, yemen will be their graveyard.

Missing mohammad_ca 15 April 2015, 12:16

eh mowaten eh, their graveyard, the houthis have taken 30 villages as of last week what is it now 100? I guess gullible people will believe anything.

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 April 2015, 12:24

why the rush to jump to conclusions? it's only just starting, wait and see momo, wait and see.

Thumb _mowaten_ 15 April 2015, 12:26

the tent of saud just made enemies of the most tenacious kind, and they're right on their doorstep. I predict decades of attrition, where yemen has nothing to lose, and the sauds will sink all their oil money only to realize the world won't give two cents about them once they're out of cash.

Thumb EagleDawn 15 April 2015, 13:29

You're not Atheist Secular mowaten, everybody here knows you're a Shia Iranian, so cut the BS.

Missing mohammad_ca 15 April 2015, 14:05

The rush to conclusions came from your end stating that it is their graveyard. As for the 30 villages taken by Houthis that was a claim made on your bogus media channel Almanar.

Missing ya_kord 15 April 2015, 14:12

mouwaten, you told us wait and see when Bashar started his war the Syrian rebels. All he ended up doing is driving more than half his military to defect and make syria a breeding ground for terrorism. The weak Yemeni government was at war with al qaida and all the rebels did was attack the government and bring chaos, which resulted in al qaida taking advantage and now they own their own province in Yemen. you keep telling us wait and see and things yet things only get worse for everyone involved except the wahabi terrorists you critize so much yet help grow with every action yourleadership takes.

Missing ya_kord 15 April 2015, 14:14


Thumb EagleDawn 15 April 2015, 15:00

mowaten,you keep hallucinating, imagining stuff and spinning that invisible "saudi menace" so much you've lost touch with reality. Your personal sectarian hatred for Saudi Arabia is making you seethe with frustration and you are projecting a lot.

Thumb ex-fpm 15 April 2015, 15:38

"lol saudi wahhabia thinks they own yemen, like it's their backyard"

That's not what the KSA thinks, it is what you think they think. After all, you seem to know what people think, what faith they are, and what the outcome of global events will be. Something your terrorist leader taught all of you and that is arrogance!

Thumb EagleDawn 15 April 2015, 08:54

I guess Suleimani's kids brigade, abul fadl abbas brigade, hezbollah brigades are all as a result of a U.N mandate.

Missing canadianadam 15 April 2015, 09:16

Mystic, I'm simply puzzles by everything you write man... Really it's amusing.

You tacitly acknowledge the UN here while in many other posts not giving any acknowledgement to the UN or any other alliance other than your Iranian/Syrian allegiance.

What's next? You re acknowledge special tribunal courts but not the one trying your comrades. By the way, the UN has recognized the sovereignty of Yemen and the support of Arabs in defending it's sovereignty by embargoing rebels.

Nasrallah can saber rattle all he wants. So can Aoun. They head militias. Our neighbours head armies.

Thumb Mystic 15 April 2015, 10:12

Did they do a democratic vote for foreign intervention? No just a fugitive ex President whom couldn't hold onto his country.
Don't forget he resigned in Sanaa, which means he no longer is the legitimate President as the Wahabis claims.

He is a traitor that screams for foreign nations to bomb his own country and people.

Missing mohammad_ca 15 April 2015, 10:45

Ex-president? You mean Ali Abdullah Saleh the one Iran and its Houthis allied with? Hadi is the internationally recognized democratically elected president of Yemen.

Missing mohammad_ca 15 April 2015, 10:48

Did the Houthis do a democratic vote when they occupied Sanaa by force? El3ama ma ahbalak.

Missing mohammad_ca 15 April 2015, 11:07

Did Nasrallat do a democratic vote before he brought hell to Lebanon in 2006? (a move he later regretted) did he do a democratic vote before going to defend ASSad and bringing retaliation attacks to Lebanon?

Thumb Mystic 15 April 2015, 12:10

Yeah mohamed, I remember well Mostaqbals phone calls to Israel. Telling them not to pull out but finish what they started.

It was Israel that invaded Lebanon, there was no condemnation from your sides, only cheer and hapiness. If it stood to you, you wanted us alll in the South to drop our arms and allow ourselves to be slaughtered, not then not now and not in a thousand years will we accept that.

Missing mohammad_ca 15 April 2015, 12:15

Proof of the phone calls that you "remember" (were you there?) Nasrallat himself admitted the mistake and said he wouldn't have abducted the soldiers had he known of the repercussions... As usual, no comments on the other points, yalla go consult your vilayet e faqih.

Thumb Mystic 15 April 2015, 13:19

What points are that? Future TV debates indeed.

Missing mohammad_ca 15 April 2015, 14:07

I forgot Hizbollat's nawar can't read. Show it to a neighbour or something let him read them for you.

Missing mohammad_ca 15 April 2015, 19:55

Way to stick to the point ya nawar as you will always be. Next.

Thumb -phoenix1 15 April 2015, 20:24

Very well then ya @dosomethinggoodtoday, how about calling back our HA boys from Syria and Yemen to Lebanon, it's true, what starts in Syria or Yemen should stay there. OK, the whistle to call them boys back if you please.

Thumb freedomarch 15 April 2015, 14:45

My Stic, as a paid, 24 hours hizb zbelleh mouther, it is important to listen to your daily garbage crap, I now remember to take trash out, for that I really thank you.As for the content of your words written against our beloved Saudi and other freinds and brother countries, I say, no matter How Many Times YOU say it, It is clear they are helping Lebanese have work, Hizb Zbelleh scared almost all invedtors, While sr. YOUR CRAZY islamic Rep Public and Syrian Regimes just bring us weapons ONLY to be used by Hizb Zballeh, against arabic countries and to scare Lebanese. AS for KSA, we expect you to act as if you care about your Hizbo brothers who work there, at least if you care about them before you open your mouth.

Thumb freedomarch 15 April 2015, 16:04


Missing greatpierro 15 April 2015, 08:49

Do you condemn iran supporting the huthis?

Thumb EagleDawn 15 April 2015, 08:50

The incredible Credible Flamethrower explains the terror party's intervention in Yemen as follows:
hezbollah is the foremost authority in the ME for shias. wherever shias are in danger, you should expect hezbollah to step in."

Missing canadianadam 15 April 2015, 09:17

The Meqdads and Zoaiters and Mowatens will reign supreme in this war. Mystic says so.

Thumb geha 15 April 2015, 09:33

hizbushaitan and iran should not meddle in Arab affairs, especially not sending weapons to traitors like them.

Default-user-icon roukuz (Guest) 15 April 2015, 09:51

I often think of you dear flamethrower and wonder how you are as you lay in pieces and tranquility at your final resting place.... RIP Houthi Hero

Missing mohammad_ca 15 April 2015, 11:08

What to do how to do it and when. Isn't that what Nasrallat admitted to when he said that all his actions are dictated by vilayet e faqih?

Missing mohammad_ca 15 April 2015, 11:15

Yes it is.

Thumb Mystic 15 April 2015, 12:04

Humble your likes weren't Lebanese brothers in 2006, instead you cheered Israel and prayed for them to finish off the South. That will not be forgotten, which is why we will only support real christian brothers as the FPM.

Thumb Mystic 15 April 2015, 13:53

The FPM & Marada were the only true patriot christians in 2006. You hate them ofcourse.

Default-user-icon brother (Guest) 15 April 2015, 13:54

next time Mystic we will not only cheer, but will help them finish off the job.

Thumb Mystic 15 April 2015, 15:44

You may try.

Missing Je_suis@libonase 15 April 2015, 16:33

My friend mystic if in 2006 the hezb attacked Israel to liberate lebanese territory the people of lebanon would have an issue and would join in the battle but I doubt if the whole resistance is against Israel as it seems it's against democracy of Lebanon

Missing peace 15 April 2015, 17:00

i remember in 2006 how hezbi refugees spat on help when it came from hariri fundation or from sunni villages calling it "impure"...

Default-user-icon achrafieh (Guest) 15 April 2015, 12:05

god bless democracy

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 15 April 2015, 12:05

nobody knew that yemen was part of saoudieh

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 15 April 2015, 12:18

where are the French weapons for the Lebanese army ???
god bless democracy

Default-user-icon adloel (Guest) 15 April 2015, 14:11

its been years i am reading the news on this site and never did i comment. i would like to start now by asking Mystic 2 simple questions:
1- why did the houthis invade sanaa and marched to aden with arms? are they following the example of what happened in beirut in 2008?
2- who bestow upon you the right to say who are the true patriots in lebanon? so all other than FPM/Marada christians are not patriotic? you call this tolerance? is this how you they teach you to build a country?

Thumb the_roar 15 April 2015, 16:04

Who marched on Beirut in 2008? If you believe HA did the marching, then I suggest you think again.

It was M14+psp who marched on HA with weapons...HA merely shooed them off & let the army deal with the armed thugs.

If HA marched you will know about it.

It will not only take Beirut but all of Lebanon in a single afternoon.

Missing Je_suis@libonase 15 April 2015, 16:13

And you happy about this?

Missing Je_suis@libonase 15 April 2015, 16:13


Missing Je_suis@libonase 15 April 2015, 16:24

And as I recall the 2008 incident occur because the Hezb took it upon themselves to set up telecomunication systems that weren't in the best interest of the nation and they felt threatened. I really question a lot of people on this site in regards to their true patriotism of lebanon

Missing peace 15 April 2015, 17:04

hezbis are ready to shoot at the army the hypocritically support if the army ever does something against hezbi interests... that is why the army stayed idly by in 2008 not to be shot at...

Thumb -phoenix1 15 April 2015, 19:17

Again ya Roar Liar, you are lying, bass there's not much you can do, you are simply a mad angry lair. How can a kangaroo claiming to live in Australia spend so much time on Beirut time? 3an jad, you can lie, truly. How many fake accounts did you create here to thumb down posts you dislike, eh, how many? Akid, go back to the Orange Room and boast there about your prowess in behaving like a real lunatic, just like you Claoun Aoun, lies lie and lie and if it doesn't work, insult. But it won't work, you're gone nuts ya Roar, start by admitting that you are a blatant liar, and accept that Lebanon is a very small place indeed. Wou bala kezeb ya habileh.

Thumb -phoenix1 15 April 2015, 19:55

(1) To Roar the liar, you're talking rubbish again. In 2008, Hezbollah with the connivance of one unit of the army, or the rapid deployment force of the army, they took about 40 SUVs and as many motorbikes, and even worse wearing the RDF black uniform and badges, (talk of infiltration into the army then), Hezbollah and some of that RDF entered parts of West Beirut. residents of West Beirut who after several days of pressure and fear thought that the army was finally coming to establish security there, then much to their surprise once fully deployed, they barged into the areas and started shooting indiscriminately on people, on passers by and shops, and going as far as looting homes and shops then burning them too. Ya habileh ya kezzeb ya Roar, it's all been documented, what about the burning of FTV? No one brushed anyone ya Roar liar, it was the perfect trap of deceit aided by the army.

Thumb -phoenix1 15 April 2015, 20:00

(2). To Roar the liar. Ad ma enta kezzeb, you still have to lie on things that were so well documented? We all know residents of West Beirut who saw it all, and filmed it all ya habileh Roar. The Hezbollah tried their luck in the Shouf, were they not kicked out from there by Druze fighters? Come one ya liar Roar, tell us? Then in Ein El Remaneh the next day, did Hezbollah not try to intimidate the LF there? What about the LF fighters that were already deployed and waiting there, did not Samir Geagea tell the army that if it not deploy there quickly, the LF can handle the situation itself? Then what did the army do but quickly do what it had to do then? And when Sayed Hassan tried to BS us with his threats by wanting to visit Geagea in Meerab, what did he got as a reply then? Wlak ro7 l3ab ya Roar, you need not stoop so low just to please your owners Hezbollah, but being a sick liar, you'd say anything even if proofs are spitting right on your face.

Thumb -phoenix1 15 April 2015, 20:05

(3). To Roar the liar. Then ya Roar, you do baffle don't you or think you do. How come for a liar like you, who keeps saying that you live in Australia, how come you are so much in touch with Lebanese Affairs, come on now you lying Kangaroo, no normal Aussie living there will dedicate so much time from earth's other end for our affairs, just more proofs of your lies again. I've been to Australia quite a few time ya habileh, met with lots of Lebanese there, the furthest things from their minds is Lebanon. Sure, some will put some mementos on their walls, play some Lebanese songs, but ya man, no one is so hooked up like you with our affairs. They all have their lives to live, and Aussies do wake up very early to work, how come you can stay up all night and all day, Aussie time ya liar, how? You're just a liar, wanting to tell us things we already know, masalan how come you're on the Orange Room 24/7 and changing aliases every now and then, just like you do here on Naharnet?

Thumb -phoenix1 15 April 2015, 20:17

(%). To Roar the lair. Here in Naharnet, we have quite a good number of people who post from abroad, but their presence is at best irregular as opposed to permanent. They have their divergent views, they express it well and points are taken too, but no one like you, especially claiming to be from Down-Under can stay day and night on 2 Lebanese Forums, and even spare time to talk about Lebanese girls like you do with someone of my namesake but with a color added. Can you DENY!!?? It will cost you nothing to stop your BS, and just behave like a normal person does, just say it nicely and sweetly, that you live here in Lebanon, that you too have your views like everyone else, and see how much respect you'll gain yourself. But as you are now, insulting and deriding people, you will only be seen as the fitting partisan of a truly mad and insane man, Michel Aoun the very greedy claoun. Your prime example and role model of a liar.

Thumb kesrweneh 15 April 2015, 15:26

and how is it KSA concern> yemen is a sovereign country and KSA is bombing it killing innocent civilians, there is surely a civil war going on there but it should be resolved through internal means. It is very sad to see that some Lebanese are supporting KSA while others are pro-Houthis. We have enough problems people not to be dragged into others issues too.

Missing Je_suis@libonase 15 April 2015, 15:44

Kesrweneh why don't you say the same thing about syria and Iran and Hizbollah's involvement there that war started as a protest for democracy and then turned into a sectarian civil war with outside involvement if anything that war is more concern for lebanon as there are approximately 2 million syrian refugees here that will probably never go back because they have a taste for the American $$$ why would they go back to a syrian pound and possibly being killed by the dictator.

Thumb freedomarch 15 April 2015, 15:49

kes r wenneh, KSA. And all Arab countries and now the UN should wait for iranian supported Huthis to take Yemen town by town, without anyone stopping them so you happy? No way an iranian hizb zbelleh like so close to KSA and the Gulf wiuld be let to set their dreams of Control frm Tehran of yours.

Thumb -phoenix1 15 April 2015, 20:26

Well said Kesserweneh, same should apply then to Syria, ma heyk?

Missing Je_suis@libonase 15 April 2015, 15:30

To all who read lebanon is an ARAB nation IRAN is persian so if Saudi Arabia helps lebanon financially or politically I can see the relevance in their assistance but if Iran wants to do the same I ask why? What relevance does Iran share in Lebanon the ARAB nation apart from a sectarian agenda because that's the only relevance I see and if it's based on that they can keep their assistance for themselves as they are not welcome in an ARAB nation.

Missing Je_suis@libonase 15 April 2015, 15:38

To all our shia countrymen I'm sure the majority are peace loving let's not get involved in other countries wars . when our dear country was in war no other countries other than Saudi Arabia and other gulf nations assisted in rebuilding Lebanon and they continue to do so but Iran only wants to antagonise they don't care about lebanon let's not let the iranian Persians get involved in our affairs .

Missing Je_suis@libonase 15 April 2015, 16:26

What the ? Didn't Sayed say if he had known the israeli reaction would lead to this he wouldn't have ventured into this in the first place you have a short memory my friend .

Missing peace 15 April 2015, 16:58

by reading the reactions of the pro hezbi parrots on this site it seems that hezbis have to defend yemen to guarantee the security of Lebanon... they call it "divine resistance"...

the stability of the lebanese territory of course depends on defending yemeni shiite people as well as bahrein shiite people but not the sunni people of syria rather its alawite chia regime...

Thumb -phoenix1 15 April 2015, 19:36

(1). Hezbollah has gone to Syria in the very early days when there it was purely a peaceful stand by the people. Hezbollah was already desecrating Sunni holy places and forcing Syrians to say it loud, that Bachar is the messenger of the prophet (saws). When the FSA came about because of this, the West kept it soft and hesitant, till they got Al Nusra and now the deadly IS. When Hezbollah went in, there were no Nusra nor IS. Now in Yemen Hezbollah and its master Iran was involved very early on. Yemen was trying to stand on its feet after removing their old time president, when the Houtis started to move around and taking territory from the Yemeni government, the KSA and its alliance got into the fray.

Thumb -phoenix1 15 April 2015, 19:38

(2). Hezbollah is not involved there because of a noble ideal but because of the aim to create an Iranian/Persian empire of which Lebanon would be part of. But now things are very complicated and we shall see what Hezbollah or Iran will do next, or pretext next. We need not read between the lines anymore, now we have two deadly conflicts of which neither Hezbollah nor its masters in Tehran have any clue to, there are days when the US Embassy evacuation from Saigon should serve as stark reminder to anyone wanting to colonize anyone's country.