Nasrallah Says No Change in Ties with Iran after Nuclear Deal, Urges Mustaqbal to Listen to FPM's Demands

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed Saturday that newly issued sanctions by the U.S. against the party's officials were only aimed at targeting the Lebanese in general and that Iran's support for Hizbullah would not change following a nuclear deal with it.

“Sanctions on Hizbullah members don't make a difference because they neither have money nor have made deposits in banks worldwide,” Nasrallah said at the graduation ceremony of the sons and daughters of Hizbullah martyrs.

“We are proud to be sanctioned by the U.S. which will remain the great Satan after the nuclear deal with Iran,” he said from the Shahed Educational Complex in Beirut's southern suburbs.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Treasury Department slapped sanctions on three Hizbullah leaders and a Lebanese businessman.

The action freezes the U.S. assets of all four and prevents Americans from engaging in transactions with them, it said.

But Nasrallah said that Lebanese businessmen and businesses are being targeted by the sanctions.

“The state and government have a responsibility in protecting the Lebanese but they are not doing so,” he stated.

“We are proud of Iran's financial and moral support to us,” he said in his first speech after the deal that was signed by the U.S. and five other world powers last week in Vienna.

“Since 1982 and since the launch of the resistance, there has been an effort by the U.S. and Israel through the cooperation of some Arab countries and some Lebanese tools to smash the resistance and if not possible to contain it and weaken it,” stated Nasrallah.

After the nuclear deal, Obama reiterated that Hizbullah is a terrorist organization and stressed that the U.S. policy is aimed at confronting Hizbullah to appease Israel, he said.

“There has been an objective to end the role of the resistance in Lebanon. But they have failed,” Nasrallah said.

He stressed Iran's ties with its allies are “dogmatic,” denying that Tehran would “sell” them after the deal with the major powers.

Following the nuclear agreement, “Iran's president and the rest of the officials have reiterated that the country's stances towards Hizbullah would not change,” said the party's secretary-general.

“Neither killing our leaders, our women and children would change our path nor our moral murder and sanctions would affect us,” he added.

Nasrallah also tackled in his speech, the waste management crisis which he described as “proof of a catastrophic failure.”

“Is there a transparent management which is willing to collect waste with the least cost?” he asked. “I don't think so.”

Uncollected trash has been piling up in the streets of Beirut and Mount Lebanon since last weekend when Lebanon's largest landfill that lies in the town of Naameh south of Beirut was shut down.

Nasrallah also urged his rivals to engage in dialogue with his allies in the Free Patriotic Movement to resolve the country's political crisis.

“The country will head towards vacuum,” he warned, saying al-Mustaqbal Movement should hold talks with the FPM to “listen to its demands.”

The FPM has been seeking a change in the government's decision-making mechanism after accusing Prime Minister Tammam Salam of infringing on the authorities of the president.

“We don't want the government to collapse,” said Nasrallah, adding that warnings about a possible resignation by Salam would lead to more vacuum.

Lebanon has been without a head of state since Michel Suleiman's six-year term ended in May last year.

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Thumb ex-fpm 25 July 2015, 19:30

نصرالله: حين طالبونا بالسلاح وقرار الحرب والسلم كنا نقول لهم "اعملوا دولة بالاول" وعدم قيام الدولة يظهر في عدم حل ملف النفايات.

So because the waste disposal issue has been mishandled that gives you the right to have an armed sectarian militia and carry illegal weapons! You and your terror MPs have been part of every government since 2005 and I am sure you bear no responsibility for the disgrace we are in....

Thumb ex-fpm 25 July 2015, 19:31

نصرالله: ثمة كلام منذ سنوات عن تململ في صفوف حزب الله وانه مرتبك ويلفظ انفاسه وان اهالي الشهداء غاضبون لكن كل ذلك غير صحيح.

yes it is not true..... the families of your "martyrs" are more than happy to see their children come back in body bags;)

Thumb marcus 25 July 2015, 19:54

and he does everything he can to undermine the emergence of a strong and capable state.... what a deceitful man(:

Thumb justin 25 July 2015, 19:36

Nasrallah: It is because of the martyrs of Hizbullah, the army and security forces that we enjoy security.

We enjoy security because of our national army not your sectarian mercenaries. Anyway, if that is the case why are you still hiding in your bunker?

Thumb marcus 25 July 2015, 19:50

good question, lol.

Thumb barrymore 25 July 2015, 19:39

Nasrallah says: We are proud of Iran's financial and moral support to us.

Here we have someone who claims to be Lebanese publicly acknowledging he receive funds and support from a foreign government and he wants to convince me he is here to protect Lebanon.....

In any other country, this man would be arrested on the spot.

Thumb EagleDawn 25 July 2015, 19:45

note: the mowaten of iran says his hizb does not get money from Iran.... it is all donations from supporters:)

Thumb EagleDawn 25 July 2015, 19:43

The day this evil sectarian criminal is brutally murdered is the day we celebrate our independence.

Default-user-icon flamethrower (Guest) 25 July 2015, 19:57

Dear SHN:
Do you know why I was banned?

Default-user-icon Joud (Guest) 25 July 2015, 20:05

FPM is a hand puppet, Hizballah is the hand. Focus on the hand not the hand puppet.

Thumb galaxy 25 July 2015, 20:08

قال نصرالله ان “ثمة عمل دؤوب لتشويه سمعة حزب الله والمس بمصداقيته خصوصا مصداقيته الاخلاقية فنرى عبر الاعلام كلاما واكاذيب بان الحزب يعمل على توظيف شبكة مخدرات في العالم او تبييض الاموال”، مضيفاً: “نحن غير مؤمنين بالتجارة الحلال فكيف بالتجارة الحرام؟”.

but the waliy al faqih that you worship and are a soldier in his army loves halal trade with the great satan!

Thumb ashtah 25 July 2015, 20:16

you mean like the Free Sunni Brigades of Baalbek that was formed just to defame hezbollah and ruin its reputation?

Thumb Mystic 25 July 2015, 20:11

No other waste company can take over. Because Hariris waste management will prevent anyone from picking it up.
After all, It is Hariri that controls it.

Thumb galaxy 25 July 2015, 20:13

what a propagandist just like your idol.

Thumb Mystic 25 July 2015, 21:33

Actually this is Hariris & March 14s way of keeping Lebanon hostage, by fueling the air with pollution.

Thumb Mystic 26 July 2015, 12:48

No, it is funny how Hariri tries to force this on the Lebanese, to make them feel dependent on him.
His Saudi masters, sure are doing their best to hold onto their influence in this country.
Even throwing tons garbage on the streets now.

Thumb jaafar.ibn.iblees 25 July 2015, 20:18

Mystic: is that a martyred iranian jihadi terrorist family in your avatar?

Thumb namewithheld 25 July 2015, 20:20

Nasrallah Urges Mustaqbal to Listen to FPM's Demands

Why didn't Hassan al-Jardoun al-Irani listen to the FPM's Demands to return to the Christians, the traditionally Christian post of General Security Directorate commander stolen by the Shiites Iranian terrorist militia for almost twenty years. And why didn't the senile lunatic coward Aoun and his retarded midget SIL make such a fuss about this stolen Christian post or use the ten ministers from his C&R block to return the post to the Christians or at least veto Hassan al-Jardoun al-Irani's Shiite candidate?

Thumb liberty 25 July 2015, 21:25

lol @gyno

Thumb popeye 25 July 2015, 20:32

The undisputed terror leader with sub zero credibility is at it again: lies, fabrications, accusations, deceit, ill-will, and distortion.

Thumb liberty 25 July 2015, 21:24

Salam will resign before Tuesday.
The FPM refused to even discuss the waste disposal issue during the last cabinet session.
Nassrallah should be assassinated
Aoun should be tortured and then executed

Default-user-icon habs (Guest) 25 July 2015, 21:56

i dont care or side with any of the mentioned politicians, but the amount of racism in this comment section is incredible , good job guys.

Missing humble 25 July 2015, 22:32

Ebola has destroyed National Unity and coexistence. A biggest crime.

Missing humble 25 July 2015, 22:33

why don't you talk about Iran????

Missing humble 25 July 2015, 22:34

Ebola like all other warmongers is driven by evil.

Missing VINCENT 25 July 2015, 23:08

Name calling isn't going to bless you with popularity. Be smart and utilize the potential Iranian legitimacy in the region to further advance the true, unique and inherent interests of Lebanon and all of its Lebanese.

Thumb shab 26 July 2015, 01:33

Filthy murdering militia

Thumb habib 26 July 2015, 06:03

Nesi yerfa3o

Thumb habib 26 July 2015, 06:09

Eee akid akid akid shoghel kollo 7aram lhezeb bi 7ayeto mashtaghal bel 7alal howi bas mal nazif taher ya sayid taher sayid lqa2ed 3azama allah ajraho taheeeer

Thumb habib 26 July 2015, 06:23

Ya sayid eltelna antom 3ala 7aq ayyi 7aq 7aq jabhat nosra wa fasa2el okhra mo3arida tatawajad fi ardi baladiha bi ghad nazar 3an sira3 bi sourya

Default-user-icon Lahoud (Guest) 26 July 2015, 10:49

A Saudi Coward scum

Default-user-icon Jeff (Guest) 26 July 2015, 11:12

What would have J Jibran done .. ? Befriend ISIS don't think so nor H Harriri