Syrian Kurdish Leaders Hold Moscow Talks


Leaders from Syria's Kurdish community on Wednesday held talks in Moscow with Russia's deputy foreign minister over the conflict in the war-torn nation. 

Deputy minister Mikhail Bogdanov hosted the co-chair of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) Asya Abdullah and the head of the administration in the town of Kobane Anwar Muslim, Russia's foreign ministry said in a statement.

The talks came as Russia is carrying out a bombing campaign in Syria and hot on the heels of a surprise visit to Moscow by its long-standing ally President Bashar Assad. 

Turkey last week warned Russia and the United States against supplying arms and support for Syrian Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State group.

U.S.-led coalition forces have parachuted in ammunition to anti-IS rebels in northern Syria, stepping up their backing for groups battling jihadists.

Bogdanov held talks with the head of the PYD Salih Muslim in Paris earlier this month.

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Thumb megahabib 23 October 2015, 04:18

Erdogan is going to bark again, I feel it...